Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being Busy

What does getting ready for a wedding ceremony and party mean?

It means being elated. It means finding just the right things to delight ourselves and our family and friends. It means getting set for a fresh start and loving the thought and feeling of all that...

It also means making lists, freaking out when you realize that the street number on the invites somehow isn't correct (!), hoping and praying.

It means that when the dryer buzzes, I am actually relieved that the clothes aren't dry yet and that I can put them on another light dry cycle instead of folding. (This gives me the time to write here...)

I thought all the invites were out, but a conversation with Steinvic's Mom prompted me to send out a dozen more tonight.

Of course, I didn't have any more envelopes, so I headed up to Michaels to buy up what they had - two packets of our envelopes - just enough!

An hour later, I can check one more thing off the list.

But you know what? I'm so excited and happy...I hope that everyone we've invited can come and celebrate with us.

Six years of commuting, a big move to combine our homes, learning to live together - Steinvic's constant calm and my waves of spaz - it's all coming to a gorgeous place...our marriage.

Meanwhile, work is relentless. Man, I am GRATEFUL for my job, but I can't even take lunch these days. I used to keep trucking through lunch semi-voluntarily, but now it's a have-to...lunchtime isn't about reading a little junk online and then working more. It's all about the hustle and using that extra hour to try to get caught up.

So...right now, I'm having a glass of wine, listening to the dryer tumble sounds behind the television sounds, missing Steinvic (it's a Columbus night) and thanking my stars for the very wonderful busy life I have.

We have.

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