Sunday, October 21, 2012

Full Update

There is some terrible thing going on where I can't just log in all normal to get here. Some "this domain may be for sale" crap pops up, so if I did have any readers, I suspect they can't read it either.

But I am a crafty fox and figured out how to get here anyway, despite the Internet bastards.

I spend VERY little time online when I'm not at work. After 8 + hours of computer time, the last thing I want to do is get online at home. That is my weak excuse for not updating like I used to. This is blocked at work, and when I get home, it's puppy time, walk time, chore time.

I'm down 30 + pounds, getting ready for my first craft show, just celebrated two years of wedded bliss with Steinvic, and having a vanilla vodka, cinnamon vodka, club soda cocktail.

Nail art is back in, and I am the nail art master, so I am six shades of fabulous.

It's Sunday, which means Italian Night here at our place, so I am cooking up a batch of incredible homemade sauce as I type this.

I submitted a piece to the Op Ed section of the New York Times and I am waiting to hear back.

A tiny, mini wiener - who participated sort of in the Running of The Wieners race last month - is sitting here supervising me. I think he is going to fall asleep, even though I'm watching him battle it...he wants to stay awake...

Steinvic is watching football at our local. The laundry is whirring in his absence. A giant bouquet of flowers from him is keeping Houdini and I company while he's gone. Yeah, I was invited to go, but I felt like being a homebody.

We had dinner out and exchanged gifts for our special day...I got him a Pendleton Cotton shirt, 12 Year Old Jameson, and special whiskey glasses. He got me all the Wes Anderson movies and an insanely lovely dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market, and he ordered for me, which I requested. I love my husband.

My folks just got back from a week + tour around Boston.

This is what is going on here. I still love this blog, and it is, I hope, still mine. Need to look into this bizarre domain for sale crap. How does that even happen? I guess if you don't post for months, that's what you get...

Hope to come by here soon. Full knowledge that I'm writing just for me, but that's something, right?

Until next time...I'm still here...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Product Endorsement for Which I Will Not be Compensated - Double Review Edition!

It's  been a long time since I've reviewed anything here, but beauty technology burns on, and I've encountered two products that I really like! So here we go:

Kat Von D's Tattoo Lock It Foundation
I recently ordered some items from Sephora and received a sample of this new product. To my surprise, it also happens to be in my perfect shade: 48, Light.

I didn't even know about the product - that it is light enough for daily wear, but substantial enough to cover tattoos - when I tried it. I just knew I needed an oil free foundation without SPF (I'm allergic to it on my face) and that the brand I used the last two years was recently discontinued.

This foundation covers, covers, covers and lasts, lasts, lasts. You don't need much of it at all to get a really nice, smooth base for your other makeup. I went without concealer for the first time ever. Nice, dense pigments delivered in a creamy, liquid base delivered perfect performance all day. I only needed to apply powder to my nose midday and looked great right up until the time I exercised. (Which is always when all hell breaks loose because I sweat like a mutha when I bike.)

I ordered the full size version today and while I'm not a big fan of Kat Von D (how in the hell could she get with that Jesse James douche knowing what a piece of crap biggot he is?) I really love this product and will buy it as long as it's available. My skin is very good (fortunately) but the addition of this foundation makes it look really nice and even more even.

Revlon's Color Stay Nail Polish (including separate top and base coats)
I recently took off my acrylic nails after 7 months of wear. It was just time. I started not liking how they looked and couldn't commit to spending an hour in the salon every three weeks...too much to do! So, I considered gel nails, I considered buying my own at-home version, and then I read that this new product from Revlon delivered up to 11 days of wear.

I asked the lovely clerk at Walgreens if the base and top coat were required to get the advertised results, and she said she and the other gals tested it after a customer returned to buy the other parts after getting poor results with the color alone. I didn't want to spend $7.99 each, but she said they were actually a dollar off (she was positioning signs when I approached her) and she had coupons to give me another dollar off each part.

I applied the polish to my short natural nails this morning and wow! Great coverage and I've already typed all day and done some housework tonight, and showered and not a chip or ding in sight.

I'll update after a few days have gone by to let you know if I think the 11 day estimate is achievable, but I can say that my at home manicures seldom make it a day without some sign of wear and tear.

So, that's the scoop! Get out there and give these products a try! I'm off to make my healthy whole wheat pizza that has been my mainstay during my diet...this is what Houdini and I nosh on while Steinvic is away! Extra good...I'm gonna get cookin'!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Older, A Lot Wiser

Never ever thought more than a month and a half would go by without me posting at least something here! I've been writing regularly at the weight loss sight, and the most magnificent things have happened as a result...I have tons of followers and the comments they make let me know that I'm reaching people and helping to support their efforts.

I don't know what this means for my future, or the future of this place, but I may have found an interest I didn't know I had - helping people get healthy.

For my own progress, I'm down 28 pounds. I just celebrated my 41st birthday, and I can honestly say, I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life! It's only getting better, too. I'm making it that way.

My birthday celebration was stellar. Steinvic had been out of town for work, but came home the evening of my special day and was waiting for me to get home. He and Houdini had the coffee table loaded with thoughtful gifts: XO Cafe Patron liquor, the Big Glug size of Pinnacle Whipped vodka, workout clothes that are perfectly coordinated (down to three different lengths of bottoms - shorts, capris and track pants) so that I don't feel like a bum when I'm on the bike, and Emporio Armani sport sunglasses (which also match the workout clothes, coincidentally...) All lovely and appreciated! And Steinvic shooed me upstairs with a cocktail to change clothes because we were going to dinner. When I came down, he let me know that there was one more gift...

"The ladies at work thought I was crazy when I told them what I got you, but I told them they didn't know my girl," he said, turning on the water and flipping the wall switch for the garbage disposal.

I jumped up and down, thanking him and kissing him...that thing has been broken for six months and has been a great source of anxiety for me...I wanted to save money by doing it myself, but was afraid I'd mess everything up. I knew it would cost hundreds to have a pro do it. And weekend fun got in the way of doing it a dozen times, so we just made do. Now we have a nice, new, awesome one that Steinvic picked out and a friend of ours installed. WHOO HOO! So stoked!

We went to Marlin & Rays for dinner...a newish seafood place in our neighborhood and it was really good! We met some friends at our local and they wanted to stay and stay, so I offered, "You're welcome to come by our place if you want..." and they DID! We beat them here just in time to tidy up, pour drinks, light candles and I went out back to check on things and there was yet another present waiting for me on the table...

Sweetest card ever, and in the box, a new Movado watch. Absolutely exquisite! It means so much to me for a hundred reasons...I once had one, and Steinvic wanted me to have a watch that would make me feel proud. I'm not materialistic, but damn, I love that watch!

It was a great birthday. I've had a fantastic year. I'm stronger, healthier, thinner, happier and better than ever. Wiser. What matters is more clear every day.

I'll add links to the watch and restaurant later, but I wanted to get this out infrequently on the computer when I'm home.

But I'm not full on ditching...I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Gosh...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've been on here, almost as much as I can't believe I'm logging on here now! I'm not flattering myself to think that anyone has been stopping by, waiting for my next post with great anticipation, but I feel bad for not keeping up with it for myself.

I have been posting on myfitnesspal, and that's been gratifying. Part of me feels really proud how big a chunk of my mindset has become about supporting other people who are trying to get healthy, and the other part of me would like to think about other things. But the reality of it all is that my health and wellness have become a priority. It's a big shift to go from thinking about everyone else all of the time to thinking about keeping true to my promise to me.

So, I'm sitting here on our sofa...Steinvic is doing his weekly travels, and I came straight home, got the laundry going, rode the bike for an hour, took out the trash, weedwhacked the backyard area, took a shower...and now a certain puppy is sitting next to me on the sofa with a ridiculously large rawhide bone, courtesy of his Grandma and Grandpa.

We've been busy with friends lately, and that is new to me. We've crossed the boundaries of lovely bar acquaintences with a few people, and had a fun night of lawn games the other weekend. This past weekend, we went to a wedding of two of our good pals and met a couple so similar in dispostion and personality to us, it was uncanny. As grounded as Steinvic has been and always will be in Columbus, we're making a nice life here and it's really neat.

I spent so many years going from place to place, never really making connections, never really touching down. And now it seems okay to open up and do the things that "normal people" do. It's natural for Steinvic. For me, it's fascinating and exciting.

So, I'm good. Better than good. And...dare I say...I deserve this?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling Inspired

I mentioned here that I'd been posting on my calorie counting site,, which I do mostly because I don't want this place to become a weight loss journal.

Yesterday, I made a post about what has worked for me so far, because I've been logging in my calories and exercise there for 140 days and I've learned some things.

The most incredible thing happened...somehow, my post caught the attention of other members and boom...votes and votes and comments and praise and stories from others about how what I said was just what they needed to hear.

What a feeling! To think that my experience and something I wrote mattered to anyone!

I'm only down 23 pounds and I've got about 27 to go before I'll feel satisfied, but days like today propell me...

Here's to your health!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Odds And Ends Post

I have been so bad about posting here...serves me right if anyone who did wander by has long stopped bothering to do it.

I've mentioned before - I'm not signing on here from work - and my evenings have been pretty much get home as soon as I can, take Houdini for a walk, ride my exercise bike for an hour, do some housekeeping, make something to eat and that's about it. Steinvic is gone three days a week still. Just not a lot of time for me to log in and post!

So...what's been going on here?

Work has been...extra challenging. Enough said.

Houdini is awesome...we woke up extra early and took him to the dog park yesterday morning and he was the only pup on the small dog side of the fenced in area, so he was in his glory! He ran and ran, going first to Steinvic and then back to me, back and forth, tounge hanging out, ears flopping around. It made us wish for a fenced-in yard.

Our house...the back patio has come a loooooooooooooong way, and we've been spending a lot of time this week, hanging out and enjoying it.

And neighbors...we've gotten to know one couple a little better and on Friday, he and his wife just stopped by because they saw we were out. I have often felt a little isolated everywhere I've lived aside from my childhood home because I never knew the neighbors. Sure, you may remember reading about Virginia, but she's been gone a long time. So, just having our few friends who live across the lot, being friendly with the family next door, and now this new's just kind of nice.

Today is a finish-Houdini's-Reds-jersey morning, then some cooking and who knows what else today. I slept almost 12 hours last night...I must have needed it!

Until next time...which I think will be sooner than later...I miss it here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainy Saturdays

Usually, on a cold rainy Saturday morning, I'd be sitting in my spot on the couch, still wearing pajamas at noon, watching something good on TV and sewing something fabulous.

But today, I was up and showered and dressed by 10:00, and making homemade salsa. Young Man is making "potato tacos" tonight and so I did the salsa, a special slaw topping for the tacos, and a black bean/corn dish as a side.

And I made everyone breakfast and all the dishes are done. I've balanced the checkbook. Not bad for 1:00 on a lazy Saturday...

When I got home yesterday, I worked on the patio some more, putting down two more bags of mulch, filling in the big hole from the fence post stump my step dad  took out for us this week (man, that post was deep!), planting some flowers and trying to come up with a suitable stand for the super neat fountain Steinvic brought home for us Thursday night. 

It's too icky out right now for patio pictures, but once it's sunny again, I'll post some here. It's been a while since we've had a photo post, huh?

Enough for now...I'm going to go see what else I can get into! Happy Saturday...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


See how quickly a week can go by?
So much...okay... first things first. Blogger has gone to a new administrative format for posting and so far, I hate it. 'Nuff said.

Second, Steinvic just came home from his weekly commute. He brought home a patio fountain and a garden hose rolly uppy thing...nice surprise and supports my courtyard efforts from last weekend. I weeded, trimmed, tossed, mulched and planted. Replaced lawn chairs and built little brick dividers. Hung celestial pretties and sprayed old ones with Rustoleum so they'd look new again. It's coming along...significant because our place is tiny and we feel like this is an extra, well-cherished room, where we spend lots of time in the summer.

Third, and very much a higher rank than third, but this is how these stream-of-consciousness posts go, Houdini celebrated a year with us on Monday. Yep, one year ago this week, we made a very long drive to Connorsville, IN, to a really nice home to pick up a really remarkable puppy. I remember how he studied our faces during the long ride home, sizing us up, whimpering and wondering what the hell. He was so small and so sweet and so wonderful. We'd read the articles, studied the books, bought the supplies and equipped ourselves for the first few tough nights. What we didn't prepare for is how much we'd adore him. Such limitless love and joy for our little guy, even when he tries our patience. He's learning, he's phenomenally loyal, and such fantastic company we could ask for. Here's to Houdini's Anniversary!

Fourth. Dallas. LOVED. We had an extraordinary conference. And as far as the area we were in? The Warwick Melrose was fabulous. The Library Bar there is expensive but the music is A+ and they'll treat you like royalty. Go to Idle Rich and ask for bartender ever. Black Friar and Cosmic Cafe have vegetarian options I actually miss. Ojeda kicks the crap out of Mexican options here in Ohio. (Don't laugh...we have some authentic-ish Mexican restaurants here.) And we got to see a great friend and her husband...haven't seen them in nearly a decade. Awesome. We went to Dealy Plaza and it was surreal, informative and overwhelming. As controversial as I've read it is, it's one of those places we felt obligated to go. I'm glad we did. Not in a happy-glad way, but in a historical-respect-glad way.

Future. We'll celebrate Young Man's birthday tomorrow! 22. I can hardly believe it. He has such personality, such talent, such promise. I'm taking a half day to finish cleaning and prepping and baking in preparation for his visit. He and his new girlfriend (!) will get here tomorrow night, and we're looking forward to a whole weekend with them. I met Young Man when he was just 13, and it's been amazing to watch him grow and transform into a young adult...who I admire. Smart. Opinions, but listens respectfully. Knows bullshit when he smells it, and beauty when he sees it. I have said to Steinvic a zillion times that if I'd had my own, biological son, I couldn't have dreamed of one as fine as Young Man. We are blessed.

So...there is a tangenty-tangley update. I miss it here. All 22 pounds less of fitting with Young Man's birthday, right!?  I'm gonna go hug the puppy and get dinner together for me and Steinvic. It's a cozy homecoming night...what else could a girl ask for?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Here...

We just got back to Ohio from our Dallas, Texas trip. Wow and wow...

Let us kiss this puppy and unpack and wash these of us is back to work in the morning. (And one of us gets to play golf! I'm happy and jealous in a good way.)

I'll be right back.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've Been Cheating

I've been cheating on this blog.

When I started my experiment in January, I joined It's a free website where you can log your calories, exercise and mingle with a like-minded community.

Under a psuedonym, I've dipped my toe into social networking, participating in message boards, updating my "wall" and - yes - blogging.

Can you blame me, really? There, people read, comment and encourage. Here, I'm basically writing for myself. I don't think that anyone reads here. I never thought I needed an audience, but it's been kind of nice to have one. A few weeks, my journal has appeared in the top three...out of thousands.

And, my experiment is working...after years of struggling, I've lost 19 pounds in just under 90 days! It's exciting and I have a way to go, but I know that I'm doing the right thing, and I have no plans to stop.

And I have no plans to stop posting here...I am just on a little hiatus, posting less often since I can't do it while I'm online at work, and I'm so busy in the evenings...

I'll try harder, but if you do read here, say hello...I could use a little encouragement to duplicate my efforts.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patrick's Day...It was supposed to be raining and icky, but so far, it's a nice, springy day.

We're going to have a big brunch, then take Houdini up to our local for a little bit. I made him an Irish harness (very cute!) and he hasn't been up to our local for a while, so it's time.

It's been a busy week. We've been getting back into the swing of things, and getting over the airplane funk. And you won't believe this...some piece of crap stole our checking account information while we were on vacation. We think that either a waitress at the one restaurant we used our checkcard may be the culprit or that someone was able to "hack" into my iPod Touch (which I've used like a miniature computer) and got the account information that way. This Monday, I logged onto our account to balance our checkbook, and there were a ton of pending transactions, all fraudulent. So, it's been a week of chasing that stuff down, closing old cards, opening new ones.

We also are planning out our backyard space. It's tiny, but I think that in the end, it will be neat. I'm excited and so looking forward to planting flowers for the first time! And tomatoes. All in pots, of course, because Houdini will likely try to help out by "watering."

And we've been hard at work, finalizing the details for our annual confrence, which is in Dallas this year. I've been there once before, but it was for work and every second was planned out. This time will be a little different and I can't wait!

I've lost 16 pounds on my experiment and I'm thrilled. I think I'm going to shoot for 30 more, though the few people who know I'm doing this give me the side eye if I say that out loud. Still, I know how much I weigh and I think if I get down thirty more, I'll feel better and look better. We'll see how I feel in 10 more and twenty and go from there.

I know I haven't been writing here much lately. Please don't take it personally. I'm not logging on to this site when I'm at work, and my evenings have been pretty busy. But I can do better.

In the meantime, grab the person you love, give them a giant kiss, wish them a Happy St. Patrick's Day and go do something fun! Slainte!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Airplane Funk

Yup, I got it. The Real Deal. I've got The Funk From Flying.

FFF sucks. I am on my second box of Kleenex and I went through half a roll of TP (for nose-blowing purposes, people...please...) in the night. (I'd forgotten the remaining box of tissue downstairs so TP had to do.)

I had to call off work, instead of returning today, which I hate doing because you know your co-workers are secretly thinking you're just faking sick and extending your vacation. But I felt so lousy after not sleeping all night that I didn't care. I checked in online remotely and made sure I didn't have any emergencies and I've been sleeping all day.

And I am about to sleep some more...I hope.

Houdini is keeping close vigil. I'm amazed that he can tell that I don't feel well.

Here's to your health! I think I'm going to start wearing those face masks when we fly!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back in Town...

Our fun family trip to Phoenix and Vegas was everything we hoped it would be...except restful! But we went and went and went...

I'm typing this from the comfort of our couch, with a small, thankful Houdini curled up next to me. Steinvic stays in Phoenix for a few more days...he's got way more vacation time than I do and this way, he can take in some Spring Training with the Reds.

We had a family get together at a cousin's house our second day in town, then headed to Vegas on Monday. That night, we got a feel for town, showed Young Man some of our favorite spots and plotted the next few days.

Tuesday, Steinvic had arranged for a massage for me in the spa - 80 minutes! WOW! When I got back, he and Young Man had purchased Beatleshow tickets for the three of us, as we'd purchased tickets for our aunt and uncle (who we always stay with) for George Wallace's show, so we all had something fun to do. We were all pleased - the Beatleshow was great and Young Man really liked it. Our Uncle had always wanted to see George Wallace, and we'd scored them "VIP" tickets, so they got to sit at a table down front. They said the show was awesome and were still laughing about it yesterday.

Wednesday, we ventured to downtown Las Vegas and Young Man, Steinvic and I ziplined down Fremont Street! Totally cool!!!!!! Later, back on The Strip, we convinced Young Man to ride the roller coaster atop New York, New York...Steinvic and I wimped out, but Young Man was up for the adventure and loved it.

Thursday, back home to Phoenix...Friday, seeing the family one last time, and Young Man and I headed back home this morning...I just drove back from Columbus this evening.

I have to say, I ate very healthily on our trip. While the cocktails had me above my ideal calories per my experiment, I still think I did pretty well, and tomorrow, I'm back on the bike. I'd lost 13.5 pounds altogether before we left, and I feel like I can keep doing what I need to so that the next time we're on vacation, I'll look and feel my best.

I miss everyone - especially Steinvic - already. It feels great to be home with Houdini, but it's never quite as much of a home without us all here... Just a matter of time.

Here's to a great vacation, lots of smiling, laughs, fun memories...and many more!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just on Vacation

Don't worry...I will be right back!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Comes Early...

So, with all the traveling Steinvic does, I bought him a Nook Simple Reader for Valentine's Day. I have the original Nook that he gave me a few years ago, and he's been taking that with him to Columbus during the week, which is totally fine with me, but I haven't been using it at all. Originally, I thought I'd just get him a gift card to load more books onto it, but then started thinking that he needed his own. So I got the Simple and presented it to him early, telling him that if he instead wanted the loaded Tablet, he could upgrade. (In my mind, there was no point in getting the Nook Color...the difference between it and the Tablet is a whopping $ why not go full tilt?)

I gave it to him early so he could play with it and get it all set up and start loading stuff on it here...where he stays in Cbus has no Internet.

And I pretty much told him that I have been obsessed with a hamsa necklace for months and months and that I really wanted to buy it. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" So that is my gift from him...early, too.

The reason that all of this is so unusual is that we'd agreed on no gifts this year, and instead ended up getting for each other the most elaborate, extravagant gifts for Valentine's Day that we ever have! We typically keep it to getting each other sweet cards, and I either get flowers or candy or both from him and I make him something or get him a bottle of 12-year Jameson's. We planned to keep it super low key this year because we have a couple trips coming up.

But you know what? Sometimes you gotta live a little.

So, Steinvic is sitting next to me, setting up his new toy, and I felt inspired to put a bunch of new music on my iPod Touch in preparation for our trips.

It feels like we're pretty high tech here now.

Which is out of the norm, but pretty darn nice...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Redecorating by Houdini, and Other Stuff

This morning, I was putting my makeup on and heard this awful noise. I wasn't like...worried...really. It sounded like Houdini was just into something. He'd only been out of my site for a few seconds. (I put on my makeup downstairs so he can trot around, eat breakfast, play with his toys and have company for a bit before going to the hall for most of the day.)

I got up and started for the kitchen, and here he comes! Happy, wagging his little tail, all shiny-eyed and ecstatic because...

he's carrying a giant plank of wood. Wood that looks suspiciously like our floor. Our floor that covers half of our main level. And he's toting it by one end, and bashing the other against the kitchen furniture, stove and cabinets...

What the ???

It's our threshhold divider from the bathroom know, where wood transitions into tile? That thingy that goes over it? He has removed it and brought it to me!!! WHY????

This is a new thing with Houdini. He has been with us for 9 months now. Things he has never bothered before (like pinecones in baskets, decorative twig balls and...threshhold dividers, apparently) are now fascinating and delicious.

He has never paid a lick of attention to the divider, but this morning it was simply irresistable.

The twig balls have been a bit of a grudge match all week long. Monday, he discovered them, though they've been there all along. Steinvic had the basket on the table when I got home from work Monday night. I put them back and we chased him away from them all evening. Tuesday night, he was after them. I distracted him with toys. Wednesday, I doused them in soapy water - which I even first tasted myself to make sure it was horrifyingly nasty tasting (it was) - to deter him from stealing them. No. Still yummy.

Since the basket of twig balls is safely on the table, threshhold dividers are the new preferred snack.

What to do with a pooch who doesn't understand the word "no."

Decorating by's a good thing he's cute!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Boot

So, as part of my experiment to reduce calories (beyond the norm) and increase exercise (beyond the norm), I joined anonymously. It's a great site full of great people, all working to get healthy.

And I commented somewhere on the site, and as a result, was invited to join a group of women who were going to support each other.

When you join a group, there is a "newsfeed" on your homepage, that looks a lot like the dreaded facebook, where when others in your group post something (be it exercise, logging in under calorie alottment for the day, or posting in the forum) it shows up and you can comment.

I would give my daily "attagirls" and high fives when I'd log in, and so I was very surprised to get a personal message on the site asking why I wasn't participating or weighing in. Apparently, there was a required Friday weigh in for the group.

I have been down this weightloss road before...I know me. I had a scale and would weigh myself up to three obsessive times per day. Until Steinvic accidentally kicked it and broke it and I think it was one of the (mentally) healthiest things that ever happened to me. So, for me, this time, I have decided that I'm making a lot of deliberate choices for me...and one is not weighing in until I feel like it.

I will weigh on days where I feel light and pretty and confident. I did WW and it didn't work for me like it worked for everyone else...I had to walk excessively to acheive weightloss, while my friends followed "The Plan" and kicked butt. We're all different...whatever works for you, right? But for me, the weekly weigh ins and the "What did you do wrong?!?!?" exclaimations from a douchey group leader didn't do it for me. (I don't think most group leaders are so annoying.)

I weighed in after 12 days on my own unique plan and found myself down 5 pounds. YAY! But since I didn't weigh in on Friday, I got the email asking what my problem was.

Long story short, they booted me from the group because I explained that weigh ins without progress made me feel crappy. From a motivational standpoint, I need to do it when I feel like it's going to be good news. That if it wasn't good news, I wouldn't feel like eating a carton of donuts (never has been my issue) but I would feel bad and I want to feel good. "Accountability" from other people doesn't motivate me...I'm plenty hard on myself.

When I posted a "Farewell" on my newsfeed so that other group members wouldn't think I was rude, the group host went off on me! And I was unfriended by the entire group, save for two who had my back and another who thinks I'm nice.

At the end of it all, I am amazed at the immaturity of "grown ups." This is why I'm not on facebook. I hear about this crap all the time!

I feel like the buck-toothed kid who no one wanted to play with all over again, but now...I don't give a damn. But how funny...I mean, really...To get ousted by a bunch of mean girls. I'm freaking forty. I don't have time!

So me and the four "friends" I have left on the site will carry on...It's still a great tool to log calories, but not such a great place to belong to a "group."

Me, myself and my calorie counts...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whoosh Week

Fastest week ever...

Things at work are still insane, but should be leveling out soon. I worked yesterday (Saturday) for a few hours. We have a rotating schedule for Saturdays and yesterday was my 8-12 and I woke up in the night last night not knowing whether it was Saturday, Sunday or Monday!

I've been sewing like mad...Houdini now has a couple new harnesses to choose from and I'm pretty proud of them all. I've made two denim ones and one St. Patrick's Day one. All that's missing is the velcro so I'm gonna have to make it to a real fabric store (our Michael's doesn't have many notions...just basics for embroidery) to stock up. The velcro is the hardest's thick - I'm using industrial strength so that Houdini is secure - and very hard to put a needle through over and over. Mom said, "Use the sewing machine!!!" but I just can't. I like doing everything by hand.

But it's costing me. My right hand, especially, has been going bad over the last year, and recently, my middle finger and ring finger have become especially close. Literally. I can move them apart, but when my hands are relaxed, those two fingers are buddies. I have pain - it's not excruciating - and after all the reading this week, I really believe it's "just" tendonitis of some sort and not the dreaded carpal tunnel, which is what everyone around me says I have. But I am certain I don't...I don't have tingling or numbness. The pain is raditating differently than what every website says. I will go to a doctor, but I honestly think that 11 years of retail keying (before UPC scanners were popular), 13 years of editing at a keyboard, and a lifetime of crafty crafting are the cause, and this is just how it's gonna be.

I am still on it on it on it with the bike and the 1200 cal experiment. And while I don't think anyone else sees a difference, I'm looking for it and I'm seeing it in my face and how I feel (still less jiggly). And yesterday, the big victory...the jeans I bought in December that were snug? I pulled them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them! So, I still haven't weighed, but I think it's working. I would like to see how I'm doing at the end of next month, when we take our family trip...I hope that this will alllllllllll be worth it. Because I'll be's 95% vanity for me...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twelve Hundred Calories and More

So, it's Day Four of the little experiment I'm doing and so far, it's not too bad. I'm not freaking out if I go a little over the 1200 cals, which I'm sure last night I did - we stuck to our Friday Going Out and Bringing Home Pizza routine - because I'm in it for the long haul. I just honestly count those calories, and I'd saved lots during the day to use that evening. I haven't weighed myself yet, and I don't plan to until I feel a difference in how my workpants fit. But I know what I weighed when I went to the doctor in late November, so I'm going to go from that number. So, that's that...

I've been super busy at work, which has made the last three months go quickly there, and one of my team members suffered an injury and surgery that will keep them out of the office for a while. This is going to make things even busier for me for a while, but healing time is so important, and we'll work it out.

At home, I've been sewing and sewing and trying new things with that, and it's exciting. My Mom and I are talking about doing a craft show or two next year, and that would really be I've got time to build up inventory.

Have you seen the Casey Anthony videos that have recently surfaced online? I'm not surprised that she's poking her head out to see what the reaction will be...this is someone who appeared to thrive on attention, and I can't imagine that the months of seclusion as she serves her probation have been easy for her. So...the only thing that will completely annoy me at this point is if she ends up getting some kind of reality show. That would be sickening...wouldn't it?

That's it from here...I'm off to do laundry, make coffee and get a little sewing in before Steinvic of us had to get up with a tiny puppy who wanted to start his day... :)