Friday, January 27, 2012

Redecorating by Houdini, and Other Stuff

This morning, I was putting my makeup on and heard this awful noise. I wasn't like...worried...really. It sounded like Houdini was just into something. He'd only been out of my site for a few seconds. (I put on my makeup downstairs so he can trot around, eat breakfast, play with his toys and have company for a bit before going to the hall for most of the day.)

I got up and started for the kitchen, and here he comes! Happy, wagging his little tail, all shiny-eyed and ecstatic because...

he's carrying a giant plank of wood. Wood that looks suspiciously like our floor. Our floor that covers half of our main level. And he's toting it by one end, and bashing the other against the kitchen furniture, stove and cabinets...

What the ???

It's our threshhold divider from the bathroom know, where wood transitions into tile? That thingy that goes over it? He has removed it and brought it to me!!! WHY????

This is a new thing with Houdini. He has been with us for 9 months now. Things he has never bothered before (like pinecones in baskets, decorative twig balls and...threshhold dividers, apparently) are now fascinating and delicious.

He has never paid a lick of attention to the divider, but this morning it was simply irresistable.

The twig balls have been a bit of a grudge match all week long. Monday, he discovered them, though they've been there all along. Steinvic had the basket on the table when I got home from work Monday night. I put them back and we chased him away from them all evening. Tuesday night, he was after them. I distracted him with toys. Wednesday, I doused them in soapy water - which I even first tasted myself to make sure it was horrifyingly nasty tasting (it was) - to deter him from stealing them. No. Still yummy.

Since the basket of twig balls is safely on the table, threshhold dividers are the new preferred snack.

What to do with a pooch who doesn't understand the word "no."

Decorating by's a good thing he's cute!

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