Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Comes Early...

So, with all the traveling Steinvic does, I bought him a Nook Simple Reader for Valentine's Day. I have the original Nook that he gave me a few years ago, and he's been taking that with him to Columbus during the week, which is totally fine with me, but I haven't been using it at all. Originally, I thought I'd just get him a gift card to load more books onto it, but then started thinking that he needed his own. So I got the Simple and presented it to him early, telling him that if he instead wanted the loaded Tablet, he could upgrade. (In my mind, there was no point in getting the Nook Color...the difference between it and the Tablet is a whopping $ why not go full tilt?)

I gave it to him early so he could play with it and get it all set up and start loading stuff on it here...where he stays in Cbus has no Internet.

And I pretty much told him that I have been obsessed with a hamsa necklace for months and months and that I really wanted to buy it. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" So that is my gift from him...early, too.

The reason that all of this is so unusual is that we'd agreed on no gifts this year, and instead ended up getting for each other the most elaborate, extravagant gifts for Valentine's Day that we ever have! We typically keep it to getting each other sweet cards, and I either get flowers or candy or both from him and I make him something or get him a bottle of 12-year Jameson's. We planned to keep it super low key this year because we have a couple trips coming up.

But you know what? Sometimes you gotta live a little.

So, Steinvic is sitting next to me, setting up his new toy, and I felt inspired to put a bunch of new music on my iPod Touch in preparation for our trips.

It feels like we're pretty high tech here now.

Which is out of the norm, but pretty darn nice...

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