Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Very Happy Post

Steinvic met with his boss.

His review went great...he's been working extra hard on some really key projects for the company.

His boss thinks he's doing an awesome job.

And he told her his thoughts on commuting for work.

And she is going to research some possibilities for him, but overall, she supports it! She likes the idea and thinks it will work.

Finally, we are going to get to be in the same place, building the life that we've wanted for so very long...

I am thankful, hopeful, and very, very happy...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miles & Miles

This morning, my 2004 Toyota Echo's odometer read 100,000. Many of those miles are from me driving to be with Steinvic, and I'd drive them all again, 100 times over.
There are plenty of our adventures within those miles, too...a drive or two to Iowa to see Em, a trip or two to St. Louis, a drive to Nashville when Steinvic's boy was considering Belmont College... The Echo is not a fancy car by any means, but it sure does wear the miles well!
Meanwhile, my other mile-counting "vehicle" (my recumbent bike) is still getting a near daily workout. While I've missed a few days here and there this month, I have been keeping a mental calculation of the miles, and I've gone more than 180 since the first of this month! I'm still loving it...
Today, Steinvic meets with his supervisor to introduce the possibility of working most of his hours from here instead of Columbus. We are hoping and praying that she'll be open to it. Steinvic is so talented. So dedicated - 30 years there - and loyal and hardworking...I hope she will at least give this a try! If she says yes, we can begin really planning our life together and wow... WOW!! But you know...even if she doesn't say yes, we're going to work it out. That is what we do.
Sometimes it just hits me - we're getting MARRIED!
How precious are these many miles...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When In Dresden...

Sometimes things link up strangely:

I read dlisted religiously, every day. And today, Michael K has a post about Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

Steinvic and his son introduced me to that band like four years ago. They'd heard "Coin Operated Boy" on CD 101 and thought I'd love it. I did. And if you listen to it, you will hear it in your head for days and days...

I've got a few of the Dresden Dolls' CDs and also purchased a framed, limited edition print (gorgeous! Can't even find a photo of it online...) for Steinvic's son's room, but I don't follow their regular happenings.

So, with the Dresden Dolls not in my immediate peripheral vision, I was really surprised to see Ms. Palmer on my beloved dlisted.

I was also bigly surprised to learn that she recently became engaged to Neil Gaiman, who is responsible for Coraline (which I still REALLY want to see - shame on me for waiting - and may have to On Demand it here, soon.)

That was only a big surprise is because I always (apparently wrongly) thought that she and her bandmate, Brian Viglione, were an item.

I was not surprised, however, to see the photos of Amanda disrobing/redressing/removing some of her undergarments on the Red Carpet of Sunday's Golden Globes. Because she just seems like she doesn't give a darn. As one of my fellow high school Flag Corps members said, while removing her bra on our co-ed band bus, "If you haven't seen boobs by now..." Palmer just strikes me as having that same attitude...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I love my Mom. And I love that she is not only very intelligent, but she is also really down-to-earth. While she is sometimes overly opinionated, her intentions are always good. She's very liberal, and was a social worker and educator beginning back in the late fifties, early sixties, so she's seen it all. Being very equal rights and civil rights minded is a lovely thing, and I'm grateful that she kept those beliefs in mind as she raised me. Very grateful.

At the same time, just because she sees this painting that reminds her of many of her fundamental beliefs, that does not mean she needs to buy it! Now, please don't get me wrong...there are a LOT of great things about this painting. I don't have the talent required to paint something like it, so I'm not blasting on the talent of artist, Robert West. But still...this image (click it to see a bigger version) of "A Long Hard Journey" makes me ask some questions which made my Mom giggle, even though she didn't want to admit I was right.

1. Where are you planning to hang this picture?
2. Is that George Bush standing next to Abraham Lincoln? Please tell me no. What the heck is he doing there?
3. No Mom, that is not Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird playing with John F. Kennedy, Jr. Look closer...
4. Holy Crap! Is that Puff Daddy over there on the far left, in the red and black sweatshirt?! Where is his entourage?
5. that Beyonce? No, I know that's Ella Fitzgerald with the mic - and that's a long extension cord! But I meant the woman with the stripey scarf. Beyonce? What, Ella can't share the mic? Maybe it's Kimora Lee Simmons...
6. Where's Waldo?
7. Someone seriously needs to save Martin Luther King Jr. from that giant eagle. Totally dangerous...potentially bad situation, if you've ever seen The Birds.
8. AND, before the Obama Train gets any closer, please move those coins from the track! They are kind of big and look like they might derail the whole thing!

I fully appreciate the sentiment behind this very creative, very thoughtful painting. I do! And apparently my folks do, too, because Mom is going to frame it and hang it somewhere in their home. Every time I see it, I'm going to think about the long, hard, journey and how truly thankful I am that so many brave, inspired people made that journey. But now, I'm also going to wonder where Waldo is hiding...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Thoughts - The Anthony Case

While I've followed nearly every minute of the Caylee Anthony murder case - from the early weeks when Florida was looking for a missing child; to the news of bizarre Internet searches for neck breaking and chemicals on the Anthony's home computer; to numerous arrests, interviews and document dumps; to the false sightings and short-lived hopes; to the final, tragic discovery of Caylee's destroyed body - I haven't commented on the case here. I didn't want this blog to become another site monitoring to the case...there are plenty of them out there. And I didn't want this to be a place for the blood thirsty to prey upon. (I hear that anger and I do understand it. I do. I don't embrace it, but when I think about frightened, abused and violated children, I totally understand the anger and desire to even the score. I could go with those feelings, but I won't allow myself to.)

As the February 1, 2010 deadline for the defense quickly approaches in Casey Anthony's trial, I keep wondering what could possibly be up her attorneys' sleeves.

Andrea Lyon - and any defense attorney, really - has such a difficult, challenging job, but the reward is that they daily have the opportunity to use our laws to fairly create positive change in this world.

Because of my belief system, I can't support the death penalty (and please don't criticize me for turn, I will respect your beliefs.) I fear it has the potential to reduce us to the level of those who commit the crimes we're punishing. While an understandable initial reaction to something so painful and devastating is to end the life of the person responsible, further thinking and prayer may lead us to the conclusion that we should be as merciful as the G*d our own government praises. For those guilty of the worst crimes, I believe that mercy should include a true life sentence (no parole.)

In the Anthony case, I would feel so much better if I thought Lyon wasn't fighting for Casey's innocence, but instead for her existence. Because honestly? If all the stories Casey told were true, then there would be a photograph of the Zenaida she claims kidnapped and killed Caylee. Right there. Common sense. Casey was an avid photographer, snapping pictures of her friends and family, and especially her daughter. Thousands of pictures posted on her MySpace page, documenting her life - the parties, her child, her friends, nightclubs...every element. "Zanny" babysat Caylee for more than two years and there is not a single photograph of this person for police to use in an investigation? I don't believe doesn't make sense. It's the one element from this case where you can see something that had been the norm is abruptly absent, and when you're considering human nature, you've got to pay special attention to those details that loudly deviate from those norms. It is extremely unlikely that if a Zanny existed, there would not be a single photograph of Zanny cuddling Caylee, pushing her on the swings at Blanchard Park, or hugging Casey at a nightclub with friends after work. And if there is no Zanny, then there is another, completely different explanation for what happened on that hot summer day in June. Casey knows that story and she isn't telling us.

At this point, the lies have gone too far for Casey to come clean and say, "I didn't mean to do it, but I did it, and here is how it happened...and I didn't tell the truth in the beginning because I was scared out of my mind and I was in shock." Had she said that more than a year ago, she would not be facing the death penalty now. She may have even been graced with forgiveness. There would have been mental health professionals to back up her explanation, had she told the truth. But that time has passed.

What is troubling me, beyond the reality that humans are such vulnerable, temporary creatures...beings that can be maliciously manipulated, tortured and destroyed, especially in youth...and that there are such unqualified parents in this world...what is troubling me is how our justice system is so phenomenally beautiful and horrifically flawed at the same time.

Because maybe how I view that system is also how I perceive the world. Some days, that perception feels heavier than others. And I guess that is what is bothering me...

Watch the news to see what Jose Baez comes up with for February 1. I may or may not blog about it here, but it was just on my mind today...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miles and Miles...

I promise this is not going to become a blog about exercise, and I'm not boasting, but I just have to say it here...if this is kind of a record of my life and thoughts, I hope that some day I will look back on this time as when I began a healthier life.

The last two nights? I've exercised for an hour and rode 12 miles each night.

This is something I wondered if I would ever be able to do. I know that there are people who exercise more, but I am happy with an hour daily, as many days I can each week.

Two weeks ago, I wasn't exercising at all. I've gone through periods where I've done tapes, used my stepper, walked...but never have I jumped in to something this quickly, with this determination or force!

I'm excited and I feel like this is a great start to this year...Vegas jeans, here I come...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night, I rode 8.58 miles in 48 minutes...Progress!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Profession

It's Monday and Steinvic and I learned something about ourselves this weekend -

We Could Be Plumbers!
(to the tune of David Bowie's, Heroes...)
You, you can be mean
And I, I'll drink all the time...
Cause we're plumbers, and that is a fact...
Amateur plumbers, and that is that.
Though nothing, stops our sink from leaking,
We replaced faucets, on Sunday!
We can be Plumbers, for ever and ever...
What d'you say?

Let me just say that Steinvic wasn't mean and I though I wanted to drink the whole time, I didn't. Our plumbing issue - which we've had a repair person out twice to remedy - became way more serious this weekend. Whether turned on the hot or cold water, water came shooting out of the hot water handle. And water was pooling beneath the sink .

Realizing that even a plumber hadn't wanted to mess with this issue, we wondered if we'd have any success trying to fix it ourselves. But since it was a weekend (and we didn't want to pay doubletime to any professional coming out to do weekend work) and we needed to use the kitchen sink, we did what any smart, (desperate) forward-thinking (panicking) fabulous-looking people would do and we went to the hardware store and bought a new faucet.

Did I mention I'd been nursing a cold that has made me cranky since Friday? And that the space beneath the sink isn't big enough for anyone to fit beneath? (Which is the real reason I think the plumber didn't fix it either time he was there...)

We had to remove the big pipes beneath the sink to make room for me. It wasn't hard, but I kept wondering if we'd remember how to put it all back together. The connections for the old faucet were so corroded that we had to break them out. Steinvic made an emergency trip to the hardware store because we didn't have all the tools we needed (thanks, Steinvic!) and once we got home, I found a way to scoot beneath that sink (and discovered that the absence of boobs is probably why there are more male plumbers than female) and we got the new faucet installed.

And no drips so far! Now we officially know how to install the innards of a toilet, and how to replace a faucet. I was really proud of us!

Outside of that, I tended to my cold, watched the Bengals FAIL, and Steinvic surprised me with tickets to see Vampire Weekend in March! Sooooo excited about that...their new CD comes out tomorrow and from the sounds of it online, it's excellent!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ten random things...

10. It's snowing here big time and I'd like it to stop now, please...

9. When I leave my local Michaels, the cement awning in the shopping plaza makes a sort of echo chamber. The sound of my ankle boots changes from "clip, clop, clip, clop," to "clippity-cloppity-clippity-cloppity" and I think it's cool.

8. I rode 5.5 miles on my bike yesterday and 5 the day before. I've been riding every day and increasing my time/distance and since last Friday, I've gone 20.5 miles. I know that doesn't sound like much, but as Steinvic so wisely put it, that is 20.5 miles more than I rode the week before! (which was zero, since I didn't have a bike yet.) I am really enjoying it! It takes me a half hour to go 5.5 miles.

7. Why is Kate Gosslein's hair headlining news? I'm not even linking to it, and I probably shouldn't even be mentioning it because it is just so unbelievably stupid.

6. Speaking of stupid, I stopped in to Whole Foods last night. What was I thinking? They had one register open, and although the dude at the service desk was also cashing people out, it wasn't much of a help. (Random side note - no one who worked there looked particularly bathed. I know it's a bohemian/cultural/trendy thing and to be somewhat expected at an organicish type place like W.F., but still. It was kind of gross. I am not one who finds BO - or the implied presence of it - appealing.) Anyway, I was going to get one thing but with the insane lines of people preparing for today's "white death," I ended up leaving.

5. I coughed on Sunday night and I think that is how I burst the blood vessels in my left eye (this happens to me sometimes.) So, I've gone around all week looking kind of rough. Or vampirey. Creepy. I hope it is gone soon! It seems to be fading but not fast enough for me.

4. For one of his Christmas gifts, Steinvic got his son a Weezer Snuggie! It finally arrived yesterday. I think it's awesome.

3. We watched Man On Wire last weekend. If you haven't seen this, you should. It's a majorly interesting story and I loved the telling of it. The movie has stayed with me all week and I keep thinking about it.

2. My gorgeous engagement ring had to go back to the jeweler because the stone was loose. I am missing it BIG TIME and hope they're able to fix the setting (it's a setting issue, not a tightening issue) and return it to us soon because it feels so strange to look down at my hand and not see it...

1. Have I mentioned that we're going to the beach in June? Well, we are. And on a day like today, I'm dreaming of it non-stop...

By the way, I heard that it is "Delurking Week." This means that if you read a blog and you haven't made yourself known by commenting, you're supposed to say howdy this week. Now, I'm not going to force the issue...heck, if you read here, I'm thankful and I don't want to ask you to do anything besides stop back soon! However, if you want to post, this is supposed to be the time to do it, and you're welcome to say hello...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Embracing 2010...

Hi! Here I am...

New Year's was always is. We opened the door to 2010, invited it inside, gave it a big hug and asked it to stay for a while. In turn, it took off its boots and got cozy on our sofa. We had a lovely time.

It's been snowing...

Steinvic and I have been enjoying all these long weekends and it's going to be tough to go back to our Friday night/Saturday/Sunday schedule. This month, he'll talk to his boss about telecommuting. I think it's a win-win... his company gets to keep a very smart, valuable, talented, loyal employee, and Steinvic gets to keep a job he enjoys while living here in town most days of the week. We'd be together! We'd be able to better plan our future and save. And so I'm very excited about this talk. I pray his boss will agree...

We assembled my new exercise bike and while I'm usually pretty handy, I was happy that Steinvic was home to help me. It wasn't terribly heavy, just a little awkward to assemble. At any rate, it's up and running. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I eased into a routine by riding just two miles each day. Yesterday, I rode four. My hope is to be up to five a day by the end of this week, and then go from there. I really, really like the bike.
It's not part of a New Year's resolution...I have wanted the bike for so long that I know it's not a flash in my workout pan. I need this bike. I need something easy and convenient and effective in my fitness routine. So far, this bike is da bomb.

Last January, I started the New Year by deleting every post on this blog. I won't do that this year...while 2009 was incredibly difficult in some ways, it was absolutely fantastic in others. I want to remember it all.

Hope 2010 has been kind to you so far...stay warm!