Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When In Dresden...

Sometimes things link up strangely:

I read dlisted religiously, every day. And today, Michael K has a post about Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

Steinvic and his son introduced me to that band like four years ago. They'd heard "Coin Operated Boy" on CD 101 and thought I'd love it. I did. And if you listen to it, you will hear it in your head for days and days...

I've got a few of the Dresden Dolls' CDs and also purchased a framed, limited edition print (gorgeous! Can't even find a photo of it online...) for Steinvic's son's room, but I don't follow their regular happenings.

So, with the Dresden Dolls not in my immediate peripheral vision, I was really surprised to see Ms. Palmer on my beloved dlisted.

I was also bigly surprised to learn that she recently became engaged to Neil Gaiman, who is responsible for Coraline (which I still REALLY want to see - shame on me for waiting - and may have to On Demand it here, soon.)

That was only a big surprise is because I always (apparently wrongly) thought that she and her bandmate, Brian Viglione, were an item.

I was not surprised, however, to see the photos of Amanda disrobing/redressing/removing some of her undergarments on the Red Carpet of Sunday's Golden Globes. Because she just seems like she doesn't give a darn. As one of my fellow high school Flag Corps members said, while removing her bra on our co-ed band bus, "If you haven't seen boobs by now..." Palmer just strikes me as having that same attitude...

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Ms. Pants said...

I follow her on Twitter and yes--that's exactly how she is. She's really funny and not at all affected by the fame-monster. She's kinda like Ani DiFranco without so much anger and angst (which I don't begrudge Ani for--it fuels her music, which I heartily enjoy).

But really--I love that she was wearing sassypants. Those rufflebutt knickers. Sassypants!!! WOO!