Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miles & Miles

This morning, my 2004 Toyota Echo's odometer read 100,000. Many of those miles are from me driving to be with Steinvic, and I'd drive them all again, 100 times over.
There are plenty of our adventures within those miles, too...a drive or two to Iowa to see Em, a trip or two to St. Louis, a drive to Nashville when Steinvic's boy was considering Belmont College... The Echo is not a fancy car by any means, but it sure does wear the miles well!
Meanwhile, my other mile-counting "vehicle" (my recumbent bike) is still getting a near daily workout. While I've missed a few days here and there this month, I have been keeping a mental calculation of the miles, and I've gone more than 180 since the first of this month! I'm still loving it...
Today, Steinvic meets with his supervisor to introduce the possibility of working most of his hours from here instead of Columbus. We are hoping and praying that she'll be open to it. Steinvic is so talented. So dedicated - 30 years there - and loyal and hardworking...I hope she will at least give this a try! If she says yes, we can begin really planning our life together and wow... WOW!! But you know...even if she doesn't say yes, we're going to work it out. That is what we do.
Sometimes it just hits me - we're getting MARRIED!
How precious are these many miles...

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