Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miles and Miles...

I promise this is not going to become a blog about exercise, and I'm not boasting, but I just have to say it here...if this is kind of a record of my life and thoughts, I hope that some day I will look back on this time as when I began a healthier life.

The last two nights? I've exercised for an hour and rode 12 miles each night.

This is something I wondered if I would ever be able to do. I know that there are people who exercise more, but I am happy with an hour daily, as many days I can each week.

Two weeks ago, I wasn't exercising at all. I've gone through periods where I've done tapes, used my stepper, walked...but never have I jumped in to something this quickly, with this determination or force!

I'm excited and I feel like this is a great start to this year...Vegas jeans, here I come...

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