Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I love my Mom. And I love that she is not only very intelligent, but she is also really down-to-earth. While she is sometimes overly opinionated, her intentions are always good. She's very liberal, and was a social worker and educator beginning back in the late fifties, early sixties, so she's seen it all. Being very equal rights and civil rights minded is a lovely thing, and I'm grateful that she kept those beliefs in mind as she raised me. Very grateful.

At the same time, just because she sees this painting that reminds her of many of her fundamental beliefs, that does not mean she needs to buy it! Now, please don't get me wrong...there are a LOT of great things about this painting. I don't have the talent required to paint something like it, so I'm not blasting on the talent of artist, Robert West. But still...this image (click it to see a bigger version) of "A Long Hard Journey" makes me ask some questions which made my Mom giggle, even though she didn't want to admit I was right.

1. Where are you planning to hang this picture?
2. Is that George Bush standing next to Abraham Lincoln? Please tell me no. What the heck is he doing there?
3. No Mom, that is not Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird playing with John F. Kennedy, Jr. Look closer...
4. Holy Crap! Is that Puff Daddy over there on the far left, in the red and black sweatshirt?! Where is his entourage?
5. Wait...is that Beyonce? No, I know that's Ella Fitzgerald with the mic - and that's a long extension cord! But I meant the woman with the stripey scarf. Beyonce? What, Ella can't share the mic? Maybe it's Kimora Lee Simmons...
6. Where's Waldo?
7. Someone seriously needs to save Martin Luther King Jr. from that giant eagle. Totally dangerous...potentially bad situation, if you've ever seen The Birds.
8. AND, before the Obama Train gets any closer, please move those coins from the track! They are kind of big and look like they might derail the whole thing!

I fully appreciate the sentiment behind this very creative, very thoughtful painting. I do! And apparently my folks do, too, because Mom is going to frame it and hang it somewhere in their home. Every time I see it, I'm going to think about the long, hard, journey and how truly thankful I am that so many brave, inspired people made that journey. But now, I'm also going to wonder where Waldo is hiding...

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