Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Profession

It's Monday and Steinvic and I learned something about ourselves this weekend -

We Could Be Plumbers!
(to the tune of David Bowie's, Heroes...)
You, you can be mean
And I, I'll drink all the time...
Cause we're plumbers, and that is a fact...
Amateur plumbers, and that is that.
Though nothing, stops our sink from leaking,
We replaced faucets, on Sunday!
We can be Plumbers, for ever and ever...
What d'you say?

Let me just say that Steinvic wasn't mean and I though I wanted to drink the whole time, I didn't. Our plumbing issue - which we've had a repair person out twice to remedy - became way more serious this weekend. Whether turned on the hot or cold water, water came shooting out of the hot water handle. And water was pooling beneath the sink .

Realizing that even a plumber hadn't wanted to mess with this issue, we wondered if we'd have any success trying to fix it ourselves. But since it was a weekend (and we didn't want to pay doubletime to any professional coming out to do weekend work) and we needed to use the kitchen sink, we did what any smart, (desperate) forward-thinking (panicking) fabulous-looking people would do and we went to the hardware store and bought a new faucet.

Did I mention I'd been nursing a cold that has made me cranky since Friday? And that the space beneath the sink isn't big enough for anyone to fit beneath? (Which is the real reason I think the plumber didn't fix it either time he was there...)

We had to remove the big pipes beneath the sink to make room for me. It wasn't hard, but I kept wondering if we'd remember how to put it all back together. The connections for the old faucet were so corroded that we had to break them out. Steinvic made an emergency trip to the hardware store because we didn't have all the tools we needed (thanks, Steinvic!) and once we got home, I found a way to scoot beneath that sink (and discovered that the absence of boobs is probably why there are more male plumbers than female) and we got the new faucet installed.

And no drips so far! Now we officially know how to install the innards of a toilet, and how to replace a faucet. I was really proud of us!

Outside of that, I tended to my cold, watched the Bengals FAIL, and Steinvic surprised me with tickets to see Vampire Weekend in March! Sooooo excited about that...their new CD comes out tomorrow and from the sounds of it online, it's excellent!

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