Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twelve Hundred Calories and More

So, it's Day Four of the little experiment I'm doing and so far, it's not too bad. I'm not freaking out if I go a little over the 1200 cals, which I'm sure last night I did - we stuck to our Friday Going Out and Bringing Home Pizza routine - because I'm in it for the long haul. I just honestly count those calories, and I'd saved lots during the day to use that evening. I haven't weighed myself yet, and I don't plan to until I feel a difference in how my workpants fit. But I know what I weighed when I went to the doctor in late November, so I'm going to go from that number. So, that's that...

I've been super busy at work, which has made the last three months go quickly there, and one of my team members suffered an injury and surgery that will keep them out of the office for a while. This is going to make things even busier for me for a while, but healing time is so important, and we'll work it out.

At home, I've been sewing and sewing and trying new things with that, and it's exciting. My Mom and I are talking about doing a craft show or two next year, and that would really be I've got time to build up inventory.

Have you seen the Casey Anthony videos that have recently surfaced online? I'm not surprised that she's poking her head out to see what the reaction will be...this is someone who appeared to thrive on attention, and I can't imagine that the months of seclusion as she serves her probation have been easy for her. So...the only thing that will completely annoy me at this point is if she ends up getting some kind of reality show. That would be sickening...wouldn't it?

That's it from here...I'm off to do laundry, make coffee and get a little sewing in before Steinvic of us had to get up with a tiny puppy who wanted to start his day... :)

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