Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've Been Cheating

I've been cheating on this blog.

When I started my experiment in January, I joined It's a free website where you can log your calories, exercise and mingle with a like-minded community.

Under a psuedonym, I've dipped my toe into social networking, participating in message boards, updating my "wall" and - yes - blogging.

Can you blame me, really? There, people read, comment and encourage. Here, I'm basically writing for myself. I don't think that anyone reads here. I never thought I needed an audience, but it's been kind of nice to have one. A few weeks, my journal has appeared in the top three...out of thousands.

And, my experiment is working...after years of struggling, I've lost 19 pounds in just under 90 days! It's exciting and I have a way to go, but I know that I'm doing the right thing, and I have no plans to stop.

And I have no plans to stop posting here...I am just on a little hiatus, posting less often since I can't do it while I'm online at work, and I'm so busy in the evenings...

I'll try harder, but if you do read here, say hello...I could use a little encouragement to duplicate my efforts.


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