Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Older, A Lot Wiser

Never ever thought more than a month and a half would go by without me posting at least something here! I've been writing regularly at the weight loss sight, and the most magnificent things have happened as a result...I have tons of followers and the comments they make let me know that I'm reaching people and helping to support their efforts.

I don't know what this means for my future, or the future of this place, but I may have found an interest I didn't know I had - helping people get healthy.

For my own progress, I'm down 28 pounds. I just celebrated my 41st birthday, and I can honestly say, I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life! It's only getting better, too. I'm making it that way.

My birthday celebration was stellar. Steinvic had been out of town for work, but came home the evening of my special day and was waiting for me to get home. He and Houdini had the coffee table loaded with thoughtful gifts: XO Cafe Patron liquor, the Big Glug size of Pinnacle Whipped vodka, workout clothes that are perfectly coordinated (down to three different lengths of bottoms - shorts, capris and track pants) so that I don't feel like a bum when I'm on the bike, and Emporio Armani sport sunglasses (which also match the workout clothes, coincidentally...) All lovely and appreciated! And Steinvic shooed me upstairs with a cocktail to change clothes because we were going to dinner. When I came down, he let me know that there was one more gift...

"The ladies at work thought I was crazy when I told them what I got you, but I told them they didn't know my girl," he said, turning on the water and flipping the wall switch for the garbage disposal.

I jumped up and down, thanking him and kissing him...that thing has been broken for six months and has been a great source of anxiety for me...I wanted to save money by doing it myself, but was afraid I'd mess everything up. I knew it would cost hundreds to have a pro do it. And weekend fun got in the way of doing it a dozen times, so we just made do. Now we have a nice, new, awesome one that Steinvic picked out and a friend of ours installed. WHOO HOO! So stoked!

We went to Marlin & Rays for dinner...a newish seafood place in our neighborhood and it was really good! We met some friends at our local and they wanted to stay and stay, so I offered, "You're welcome to come by our place if you want..." and they DID! We beat them here just in time to tidy up, pour drinks, light candles and I went out back to check on things and there was yet another present waiting for me on the table...

Sweetest card ever, and in the box, a new Movado watch. Absolutely exquisite! It means so much to me for a hundred reasons...I once had one, and Steinvic wanted me to have a watch that would make me feel proud. I'm not materialistic, but damn, I love that watch!

It was a great birthday. I've had a fantastic year. I'm stronger, healthier, thinner, happier and better than ever. Wiser. What matters is more clear every day.

I'll add links to the watch and restaurant later, but I wanted to get this out infrequently on the computer when I'm home.

But I'm not full on ditching...I'll be back!

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