Monday, March 5, 2012

Airplane Funk

Yup, I got it. The Real Deal. I've got The Funk From Flying.

FFF sucks. I am on my second box of Kleenex and I went through half a roll of TP (for nose-blowing purposes, people...please...) in the night. (I'd forgotten the remaining box of tissue downstairs so TP had to do.)

I had to call off work, instead of returning today, which I hate doing because you know your co-workers are secretly thinking you're just faking sick and extending your vacation. But I felt so lousy after not sleeping all night that I didn't care. I checked in online remotely and made sure I didn't have any emergencies and I've been sleeping all day.

And I am about to sleep some more...I hope.

Houdini is keeping close vigil. I'm amazed that he can tell that I don't feel well.

Here's to your health! I think I'm going to start wearing those face masks when we fly!

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