Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back in Town...

Our fun family trip to Phoenix and Vegas was everything we hoped it would be...except restful! But we went and went and went...

I'm typing this from the comfort of our couch, with a small, thankful Houdini curled up next to me. Steinvic stays in Phoenix for a few more days...he's got way more vacation time than I do and this way, he can take in some Spring Training with the Reds.

We had a family get together at a cousin's house our second day in town, then headed to Vegas on Monday. That night, we got a feel for town, showed Young Man some of our favorite spots and plotted the next few days.

Tuesday, Steinvic had arranged for a massage for me in the spa - 80 minutes! WOW! When I got back, he and Young Man had purchased Beatleshow tickets for the three of us, as we'd purchased tickets for our aunt and uncle (who we always stay with) for George Wallace's show, so we all had something fun to do. We were all pleased - the Beatleshow was great and Young Man really liked it. Our Uncle had always wanted to see George Wallace, and we'd scored them "VIP" tickets, so they got to sit at a table down front. They said the show was awesome and were still laughing about it yesterday.

Wednesday, we ventured to downtown Las Vegas and Young Man, Steinvic and I ziplined down Fremont Street! Totally cool!!!!!! Later, back on The Strip, we convinced Young Man to ride the roller coaster atop New York, New York...Steinvic and I wimped out, but Young Man was up for the adventure and loved it.

Thursday, back home to Phoenix...Friday, seeing the family one last time, and Young Man and I headed back home this morning...I just drove back from Columbus this evening.

I have to say, I ate very healthily on our trip. While the cocktails had me above my ideal calories per my experiment, I still think I did pretty well, and tomorrow, I'm back on the bike. I'd lost 13.5 pounds altogether before we left, and I feel like I can keep doing what I need to so that the next time we're on vacation, I'll look and feel my best.

I miss everyone - especially Steinvic - already. It feels great to be home with Houdini, but it's never quite as much of a home without us all here... Just a matter of time.

Here's to a great vacation, lots of smiling, laughs, fun memories...and many more!

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