Sunday, October 21, 2012

Full Update

There is some terrible thing going on where I can't just log in all normal to get here. Some "this domain may be for sale" crap pops up, so if I did have any readers, I suspect they can't read it either.

But I am a crafty fox and figured out how to get here anyway, despite the Internet bastards.

I spend VERY little time online when I'm not at work. After 8 + hours of computer time, the last thing I want to do is get online at home. That is my weak excuse for not updating like I used to. This is blocked at work, and when I get home, it's puppy time, walk time, chore time.

I'm down 30 + pounds, getting ready for my first craft show, just celebrated two years of wedded bliss with Steinvic, and having a vanilla vodka, cinnamon vodka, club soda cocktail.

Nail art is back in, and I am the nail art master, so I am six shades of fabulous.

It's Sunday, which means Italian Night here at our place, so I am cooking up a batch of incredible homemade sauce as I type this.

I submitted a piece to the Op Ed section of the New York Times and I am waiting to hear back.

A tiny, mini wiener - who participated sort of in the Running of The Wieners race last month - is sitting here supervising me. I think he is going to fall asleep, even though I'm watching him battle it...he wants to stay awake...

Steinvic is watching football at our local. The laundry is whirring in his absence. A giant bouquet of flowers from him is keeping Houdini and I company while he's gone. Yeah, I was invited to go, but I felt like being a homebody.

We had dinner out and exchanged gifts for our special day...I got him a Pendleton Cotton shirt, 12 Year Old Jameson, and special whiskey glasses. He got me all the Wes Anderson movies and an insanely lovely dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market, and he ordered for me, which I requested. I love my husband.

My folks just got back from a week + tour around Boston.

This is what is going on here. I still love this blog, and it is, I hope, still mine. Need to look into this bizarre domain for sale crap. How does that even happen? I guess if you don't post for months, that's what you get...

Hope to come by here soon. Full knowledge that I'm writing just for me, but that's something, right?

Until next time...I'm still here...

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