Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patti Stanger is an Idiot.

When Millionaire Matchmaker first came out, I watched it peripherally, wondering how anyone wealthy would sign up for Patti’s services, much less want to be featured and humiliated on her show.

From the insulting suggestions she makes to date candidates, to the way she clearly delights in cutting down the millionaires she’s supposed to be helping, Ms. Stanger has never been appealing. In fact, the very way she reviews potential clients at the beginning of her show implies that people should feel lucky if she “accepts” them into her Millionaire’s Club.

Lucky. Like, rule #1 of providing good customer service is making your customers feel special, right? Not that they’re fortunate?

I have been reading about how Ms. Stanger opened her botox-riddled face to comment on “the gays” on Andy Cohen’s show on Sunday. One more reason to not like her. As if we needed more!

I think she’s probably lost a lot of viewers over this and maybe even a few of her “gay friends” (or Jewish friends, since she took a swipe at Jewish men, too.)

In my experience, people who have to point out that they’re friends with folks in different race/sexual orientation/monetary groups than themselves usually have some kind of guilt they’re trying to cover. It’s like Archie Bunker saying he has black friends. That makes all the rest of the bigotry and prejudice okay, right?


Boycott Patti Stanger’s show. Let’s hope Bravo cancels it. What a douche.

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