Friday, July 2, 2010

Headed for Chicago!

Steinvic and I are sitting here on the sofa, enjoying our first day of vacation. We went out for lunch and zipped around gathering a few odds and ends we'd need for our trip. In a little bit, we'll head up to our local (a good friend of ours is celebrating his last nights of work there) and meeting up with J for a few... nice way to kick off our adventure!

For those of you thinking, "Damn! These people take an awful lot of vacations!" it really isn't true. Really! It's just that we had a lot of things smooshed together between May and July and all of our travels have been centered around events. The conference in Vegas, our company provided condo the week after that in Ft. Walton, and now this trip to The Windy City.

We originally planned to go way back when U2 tickets went on sale...Steinvic is thinking November. We'd just gone to shows in Phoenix and Vegas in October and no sooner than we came home, they listed extra dates. Well, you have probably heard that Bono had emergency back surgery about a month ago, but by then, we'd already made hotel arrangements that couldn't be changed. Steinvic generously volunteered his anniversary points (they can trade these in for a variety of things in a catalog) he'd earned through work and paid for four nights at a great hotel right along the Magnificent Mile. So, we're going anyway!

We'll be taking in a Reds game, enjoying Taste of Chicago, and hopefully seeing some fireworks while we're there. A couple we know will also be in town, so we plan to see them, too. Other than that, we're just going to explore.

AND, we're taking the Mega Bus there! I'm kind of excited about that...I hope we have as great of an experience as some friends of ours have had.

I'll have my trusty computer with me, so I'll let you know how it's going... Until then, enjoy your independence!

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