Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Art of Celebrating & the Significance of Penguins

One of the highlights of my workweek is when J comes to my side of town for lunch. Sometimes, she brings her adorable munchkin children, and sometimes it's just the two of us. When the kids are there, it's awesome because her son and daughter are precious, special, intelligent little people. And, grown up time is good, too, because there are things we just don't discuss in front of little ones. Either way, I really dig it when any of them visit!

This week, J arrived at our regular spot bearing gifts. My birthday is around the corner and she had treats from herself and from the kids. They didn't have to do a thing - having such a great friend and little pals is more than enough - but it was so thoughtful and appreciated.
From J, I received a heartfelt card and a funky, beautiful candle garden. And each of her kids made me a festive, beaded bracelet.

The candles are really cool, match the kitchen decor perfectly and the votives inside smell all coconut-y and vanilla-y, and remind me of The Flamingo in Vegas. (Can't wait for Steinvic to get home to smell them!) The bracelets fit perfectly and I actually have another wooden bracelet that they remind me of and yes, I plan to wear them altogether!

J's daughter also made a keychain for me. She couldn't have known the significance of penguins, (my Grandma held one I'd given her the night she passed away, and was still holding it when she was taken to the funeral home) and I didn't even mention it at lunch for fear I'd get a little choked up.

So, I really appreciate this penguin keychain...

And...the kids made awesome birthday cards for me. I love their handcrafted artwork more than anything Hallmark could ever produce:

Because of my demented sense of humor, my favorite part of the card experience was when J informed me that her son said something to the effect of, "Mom...Sister put a pile of dead bodies in front of a stone on Miss Tangles card..." which Sister denied, but you be the judge. (Pile of bodies, according to Brother, on the left.)

But Brother, for all the cute animals and rainbows he drew, managed to insert his own hint of "evil," too. Check out the back of his card:

YIKES! I kid, of course...I love these cards, and the unique take on what is celebratory (monsters and a reminder that I'm one step closer to the grave) are absolutely perfect for me.

Thanks to J and The Little Ones for making my pre-birthday celebration fantastic!

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