Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have waited for WEEKS to post this entry...

On Saturday, we had a surprise party for Steinvic in Columbus. I've been planning it for months and months, with the assistance of Young Man.

We had it at a cafe/pizzaria in German Village, and I have to say, they were brilliant about arranging it.

I contacted lots of family and friends and they all gathered in the back room of the cafe, waiting for us to arrive.

Young Man told his Dad that one of the bands he plays in was having a CD release party, and asked us to come to Columbus to see them play. And, since a good friend of his worked in the kitchen at the cafe, would we mind stopping by there to drop off a CD, since the friend couldn't make it? It was the perfect set up and Steinvic fell for it: hook, line and sinker.

These things aren't about "getting someone," although that part is fun. The whole point was to show Steinvic how loved he is. He was totally surprised and definitely moved. J and my parents even came up, which I really appreciated, and so did Steinvic. He said it many times that night, and several times since..."I can't believe they came all the way up for that!" And I told him, "Of course they did. They care about you..."

And, we had a cake. But...that cake is going to be a whole post all on it's own, because it was a TRIP.

The worst part was scheming...I've been catting around, sneaking and scheming, for months. But the best part was that it was all worth it and I had a BLAST working with Young Man to make it all happen. So...that is where I've been!

It was a blast and I'd do it again...though I've promised to reserve the big stuff for big milestone birthdays... wink! :)

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