Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Are Kind of Crushing...

On Maya.

Steinvic took me to an animal shelter on Saturday. Just to look. And we saw three puppies that were beagle mixes, and before we left, the case worker brought us Maya.

I didn't mention her to Steinvic after we left, because I knew she was bigger than what we'd agreed on beforehand, but tonight, Steinvic mentioned her personality.

She'd come into the visiting room, circled the whole thing one time and then sat next to the case worker.

Then she sat with me. And she took a treat from my hand like it was glass. And she let me rub her ears and tilted her head back to look at me upside-down and that was pretty much it.

And she sighed. Wow...

So, Maya is a maybe. She was purchased from a pet store by a teenaged girl who hadn't gotten permission from her parents and Maya had a hidden talent: scaling fences. (That wouldn't be an issue where we live.) So, she wasn't welcome to stay.

We have questions and need more talking, but maybe this is our new friend...

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