Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am Not A Feminist

I read this article and many of the comments at the end of the article.

And I have to say, I am not a feminist and it's not because I am ashamed, old fashioned, beaten down, self-loathing, or afraid people will think I'm a lesbian.

Some of the comments by feminists at the end of the article are the very reason I don't want the label slapped on my forehead.

If I had to put a label on myself, it would be "humanist."

It is rude, judgmental and inaccurate to suggest that anyone who doesn't want to be labeled a feminist "think(s) she will always have a man to take care of her or, poor thing, hasn't got the sense God gave a tire iron."

Well, I never! (just kidding...) But seriously, I certainly went through some life experiences(including a hellacious marriage and divorce) frightening enough to turn any one against people in general. Instead of letting it ruin me, I am self made, intelligent, very strong, outspoken woman who now has healthy, successful relationships. AND, of course I do think that women should have the same rights and make the same wages as men.

But I also believe that men shouldn't be discriminated against when working in a sea of women, that Hispanics shouldn't experience racial profiling or that African Americans shouldn't be treated like second class citizens. It also enrages me to see Vietnamese folks get treated like garbage...in their own businesses. I didn't like seeing kids with special needs get picked on when I was in school, either, and one of the only scuffles I ever got in was when I stepped in to defend one of the kids in that program when she was about to get touched by a group of disgusting, ignorant high school guys. (The other scuffle was when a wannabe skinhead made a racially inflammatory comment toward me because I was walking with my guy pal who happened to be bi-racial.) Not proud of fighting, but I wouldn't take either encounter back, either.

I think that everyone deserves respect. It doesn't make me a sell out or a chicken to not specify women. It doesn't mean I'm weak. It just means that I'm going to high five any situation where someone is treated fairly and respectfully, and not just when my "sisters" are treated that way.

And, it means that no matter who you are, I'll only let you hold the door for me if I'm allowed to return the favor in the next doorway.

See the benefits of writing an isolated blog? If this blog were a hotbed of readers, I'd have a bunch of people sounding off in the comments... instead, I'm thinking crickets...

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