Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Party of Our Lives

Last night, about 120 people gathered in a party room in Columbus - a little cozy back room of a restaurant/bar that Steinvic frequents- to celebrate our marriage.

I'm going to come clean and say that when Steinvic recommended this place as a possible spot for our party, I had reservations. Actually, I was kind of a big jerk about it and said I didn't want to have our party in a bar.

But you know, after we went and checked out the back room together, I saw what he was visualizing. I saw that I was wrong. And I'm so glad that we had it there - it was perfect.

The room had a giant bar on one side, tables on the other, enough room to move comfortably, and a big projector so we could run a slide show of photos the whole time.

There were a few people who Steinvic worked with to coordinate - Toni and Meghan and the Bar manager - and they made sure that people had food and drinks and were comfortable. They were amazingly kind and generous.

(We had a small snag...when we arrived, we unloaded everything and began decorating. Steinvic's cousin came to give us a hand and when Steinvic went to pick up our balloon order, our car wouldn't start. We decided not to worry for the moment...our cuz loaned us her car and Steinvic got the balloons, and the next thing I know, Toni says, "You two just have fun...I'll feed the meter until it's 8:00," which is when the meter service ends there. I mean, how lovely is that?)

Ivory table cloths, candles (the flameless one's I've raved about), tiny green organza bags of treats, petite fours, hoers de oeuvres, snacks, a giant veggie tray, pizza, wings, open bar... it was just right. I felt proud...proud to be Steinvic's wife, proud of our family and friends, proud of our party...just bursting with pride.

And while our ceremony was a few weeks ago, this gathering made it feel official.

I'm on Cloud Nine. We had our friends and family all in one place, all celebrating and enjoying and we feel really, really fortunate. We had family from all over - Chilicothe, West Palm Beach, Wisconsin - and lots of friends who drove the 90 miles from Cincinnati to be with us. Blown away at how much people care. I had no idea...

Oh, and our cousin's husband? He got the car going...we were so thankful he figured out the problem (corrosion on our new battery) so that we could come home!

I've had a foot soak, we've had some drinks, some salad and now I'm curled up with Steinvic. We're catching up on shows and relaxing. Happy Wedding Party Weekend...

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