Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Forty is Nicer Than I Thought it Might Be…

Steinvic has done a phenomenal job of making my birthday special, even though he has to be away this evening for work. I woke to the sounds of The Beatles singing “Birthday,” because he’d bought (and set up while I slept) an awesome iPod alarm clock! He had the songs all set up for this morning and it was a sweet and special way to start this milestone birthday.

I went into the bathroom and there was my Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper doll on the counter, holding an envelope with Paul McCartney on the outside…and inside two tickets to his upcoming concert! And an explanation that we’d be staying at a favorite hotel downtown the night of the show. And a gift certificate to Macy’s and an iTunes card to load up some more McCartney onto my iPod and a hilarious Hoops and YoYo (love those guys!) card…I was completely floored. I was, in fact, so excited (and perhaps a little hung over from last night’s drinks at our local) that maybe Steinvic isn’t aware of the full extent of my joy, even though I thanked and thanked him…(Thank you, baby!)

And to top it off, Steinvic sent two dozen of the most beautiful roses…pink with red tips. I’ve never seen anything like them before and they smell heavenly…

I am spoiled.

It’s been a birthday full of music so far.

Every four years, birthdays mean a stop at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and today is one of those birthdays for me. The closest BMV to work is in a very urban, slightly rough area. I pulled into the lot and thought better of leaving my iPod in the car, even though I knew I’d only be a moment, because I didn’t want it to get stolen. (I rarely do this anywhere anyway, unless I can hide it under something.)

I walked in and there wasn’t much of a wait. A couple thuggish-looking guys were sitting in the window chairs. A couple was being waited on at the counter, and a few other folks were ahead of me, already being helped, too. It was very quiet and surprisingly not too crowded.

And suddenly, loud and clear, from the depths of my purse…”Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, yeeeeah…I wanna shoop, baby, shoop…Ooo! How you doin’, baby?” Yep, Salt n’ Pepper’s “Shoop” sang out from my iPod, which I must have jostled as I’d removed my wallet.

So here is this very square-looking, business-dressed, mortified white (quickly turning red) chick in the BMV, scrambling to shut off the Shoop song that had everyone in the place looking at me. And of course, I couldn’t get it to shut off. I was pressing the top button and the home button and the song just kept playing. “Oh my goodness…Shoop ba doop ba doop ba doop…”

Finally, silence. A white-haired clerk stared at me from behind the desk as her printer was generating something, and shook her head slightly in disapproval.

And then, the male portion of the couple at the desk begins singing the song. Over and over.

I think they were probably happy to see me leave. Everyone probably thought that was my ring tone on my phone.

Of course, when I pull out of the BMV lot, new license in hand, I plug in my iPod and that song is still on…before I can hit next (I had it on shuffle), I notice that walking right by my car is the guy who was singing, and he starts singing it again.

So embarrassed…he probably thinks that is my favorite song. (I swear, it’s not!) One of the reasons I do like it, though, is this bit by Ellen…every time I hear the actual song, I think of this skit and it makes me smile. Hope it makes you smile today, too! Lots of things to smile about...

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Anonymous said...

You should smile since you have the best smile in the whole world! Happy Birthday!