Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Justice on the Brain

Random thoughts from the week...

OF COURSE Casey Anthony could not serve probation while she was in jail... I mean, isn't probation where you have the opportunity to mess up again but don't because The System has "rehabilitated" you? C' can you write bad checks again from behind bars?

And speaking of justice...yes, Casey should have to pay money back to the State of Florida since she admittedly LIED to the police and sent everyone on a wild chase searching for her daughter, when she knew her daughter was dead the entire time.

I do not agree with people who are bashing Cindy and George Anthony for doing an interview. If they'd like to have their thoughts and feelings known, they are entitled to it. They've been through hell and vilified by so might be cathartic for them to have the chance to speak uninterrupted. I do not, however, understand why they'd have Dr. Phil conduct the interview. Dr. Phil doesn't lend to their credibility and I doubt he's doing it out of some humanitarian motivation...he is likely looking for ratings. I'd rather see someone of substance interview them and have it be more...factual with some emotional than sensational, which is what it will be if Dr. P does it.

If you're curious about the documentaries on the West Memphis Three that helped them navigate through eighteen years of false imprisonment, HBO is running the first two documentaries this week. Check your local listings for times, or you can see them On Demand today through the 30th. Wherever Damien, Jason and Jessie are right now, I hope they're getting rest, sunshine, massages, good food and finding sound counsel. I can't even imagine...

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