Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our puppy discovered television today.

Big butterflies on the screen caught his eye. He perked up, ran for the screen and put his paws on the television stand.

He watched the butterflies flying and beating their wings and started barking.

Total cuteness. These are barks you don't hush, even if it is 6:30 a.m.

Fall has introduced Houdini to "free treats." Free treats are wet leaves, little sticks and debris on the ground.

Houdini grabs them when we let him outside. He runs for the door, wanting inside so he can enjoy his catch in the comfort of his home.

Leaves can't be good for dogs, so we take them, of course.

Right now, he is rolling on the floor, working on a chewy. We watched him enjoying one last night, lying on his back, using the leg of the coffee table to steady his toy while he chomped away.

There is nothing more calming - or entertaining - than having a dog. And we adore him.

But he still can't sit or stay. He steals things and we have to trick him to get whatever goody he's got away from him.

So, we're researching obedience schools. We don't want to use the local pet shop chain because we've read that they hire just about anyone to lead their classes instead of formally trained specialists. For the same money, there are a few independent places that offer one-on-one training, even in your home, and we're thinking that might be the way to go. Though Steinvic makes a good point - it would be good to have him interact with other dogs.

(Houdini does not like other dogs.)

We hope to find the right trainer soon. You know...so Houdini can be even more awesome than he already is.

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