Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holidays

This is the kind of morning I love:

I have a big cup of gingerbread flavored coffee here. Houdini is sitting next to me, lobotomizing one of his Christmas presents (it badger or something similar). Steinvic, Young Man and Girlfriend are all still sacked out from a busy Christmas of running around between our families' houses.

I woke up early and couldn't sleep any longer, so here I am. I could have stayed in bed a little longer, but someone's pee meter was running (Houdini's, not mine) and since he's been on meds for a UTI, I figured I better get up and get him outside.'s cold but dry...we've had tons of strange, Spring-like weather the last few weeks, but the cold is beginning to settle in. Had all that rain been snow...yuck.

In a few minutes, I'll put on a pot of corn chowder, and sew while it cooks.

See how cozy this all is?

Christmas Eve had us doing Our Usual, which I'll never tire of - we went to our local, saw a few friends, gave extra nice tips and lottery cards to our favorite bartenders, then came home for drinks, appetizers, great music, and opening our gifts to each other (Steinvic went way above and beyond...I am spoiled.)

Christmas Day had Young Man and Girlfriend driving down from Cbus, then we all headed to my folks' house...dinner, music, visiting, and presents for all.

Then back here for opening gifts with the kids, and movies...then sleep.

Full day of family...can't beat it.

I hope your Holiday was just as sweet! Merry Christmas...

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