Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nerf Car

We both want the same thing...we want to make this exchange quick and safe, short and sweet. We both want to get home in one piece.

Three times in the last two weeks, the exchange where 275 E becomes 75 N/S has generated seriously scary accidents. Like the kind where even someone like me - who pledges to not look at those cars and individuals involved - doesn't have a choice about looking, because the accident takes up three lanes, and you don't know until you're right up on it, because it's bumper-to-bumper, and you have to signal for five minutes until someone "kindly" lets you over, and while you're waiting, you are forced to look at the wreck while talking yourself out of an epileptic seizure from the flashing lights.

All while you're praying that everyone made it out of the collision alive.

Overhead, a giant electronic billboard - courtesy of Champion Windows - reminds us this week to be safe when we drive. "Allow a safe distance between your car and the next." "Don't eat while driving." "Drive friendly."

I guess all of these are more constructive and specific than the ones I'd put up. "Don't text while you drive." "Pay attention, Idiot." "Don't be a douche."

It makes me wonder about making cars of Nerf. Or rubber.

Consider hiring a cab if you're going to stay out with the masses for New Years Eve, 'kay? If people drive like this in the daylight, sober...

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