Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Hate Big Trucks (and I cannot lie...)

Well, I almost died this morning. (I'm glad to say that there are not a lot of days where I can state this.)

I was merging from one highway onto another in a construction zone. This area has a very quick but manageable merge, but no yield signs. Everyone there, every morning, just takes it nice and slow, letting one car in front of the next, and while it slows things down considerably, no one dies.

This morning, the individual in the GIANT double truck thingy, apparently decided to rewrite the terms of the formerly peaceful merge. Because the double truck came barreling through, overtook both lanes and forced me onto the side of the highway.

Did I mention it was dark and rainy? I had my lights on though...there was NO WAY this person didn't see me.

The SUV behind me flicked his lights and honked lightly that I could get back on, but I was shaking like crazy.

I saw the Web site for the stupid truck and his ID # and when I got to my desk, I sent an e-mail. I wouldn't usually do such a thing, but this near death experience made me want to take my friend's father's advice from years ago ("It's good to let people around you know how you feel...") to a new level. Since "how I felt" had a lot to do with giving the middle finger, I used great restraint and professionalism and sent my e-mail:

Good morning.

I was driving on 75S to 275W this morning when your driver for truck number 123 overtook the merge lane, forcing my vehicle to the side of the highway. Had I not been able to swerve out of the way, I surely would not be sending this e-mail to you now.

There are no injuries to report and no damage to my car, but this kind of irresponsible and dangerous driving could have resulted in a very bad day for both your company and for me. The only result right now is that I'm still shaking as I type this and I'm pretty upset. The livechat operator on your Web site gave me this e-mail address to report the incident. I felt that you should know about this, as I'm sure your company has a committment to promoting safe highways.

Thank you,

Now, I could have been a mega-B in this e-mail, but I feel like instead, I was pretty factual and collected. Maybe I'll get a response that says, "We're sorry that this happened to you and while we weren't there and don't know all the details, we'll talk with the driver to make sure that he/she is employing safe practices while driving." Or maybe just, "He will NEVER be permitted to drive again! We've given him a desk job..."
We'll see what happens...

UPDATE: What reply did I get instead? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero.

Which in some languages is the same as saying, "Tough cookies, biotch."

I hope that you're all safe and sound and that you avoid the Big Trucks on the highway. Because sometimes, they are mean... (If my "illustration makes the driver look like Satan, there is a reason for that...)

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