Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Days...They Fly By...

I realize I haven't posted in a might be thinking it's because I've fully given in to my OCD desires and that I've been doing nothing but vacuuming for the last week and a half.

But that just isn't so...

Instead, I've just been up to a little of this and that. In the evenings, keeping on the exercise train.

It has snowed here two days this week and while there is no accumulation, it's a sign that Winter still has it's cold, bare branches wrapped around Spring's young throat. Winter needs to eff off.

Besides all that, I've beeen helping my Mom ready her house for the family Easter dinner.

My Mom, her husband and I have rearranged furniture, dusted, polished, vacuumed, name it. It looks lovely. It's ready for family.
Steinvic is coming down tomorrow night (he took off Good Friday) which is wonderful and I'm totally looking forward to the extra evening with him this weekend, thought I have to get up and go in to work on Friday morning. Still, I get to leave early that day and when I get home, he'll already be there. As simple as that sounds, it's a treat we don't get to enjoy so often since we're in different cities.

Steinvic wanted to contribute to the celebration and so he is buying/picking up/transporting the Easter Ham. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I think it's a really special idea and my Mom (and the other guests, too!) will certainly enjoy and appreciate it. (Thank you for making the extra effort, babe!) I hope his son can join us, too.
We might meet up with a friend of ours on Friday night, if her schedule allows, and then on Saturday with another friend and his new girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to the weekend big time and it's only Wednesday! I swear I'm not wishing the week away...just can't wait for time with Steinvic, our family and friends.

Isn't that what it's all about?

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