Friday, March 27, 2009

Buy This Vacuum (another endorsement for which I will not be compensated)

No, the dinosaurs didn't get me! I am still alive and the dinosaurs are still extinct, just as they should be.
This week has been all about carpet.
I borrowed my parents' carpet cleaner and wow! Let's just say that I was long overdue... I'm so glad my folks loaned their cleaner to me!

So, once the carpets were all fresh and clean, I felt like I didn't want to use my old, worn out, second hand sweeper on it any more. And obviously, that sweeper was doing a craptastic job, because without grossing you out with the details, the carpets weren't just dirty, they were dusty/fuzzy, too.

I'm the queen of finding deals and saving money. I don't mind being extravagant for others, but when it comes to my needs or wants, I like to save. That way I can be lavish other places. Like, I'll religiously cut and use coupons to save money, but won't think twice about treating for a nice meal. However, if there is something I want, no! Can't pay full price! Must be a bargain!

I had $50 in Macy's gift certificates left from the $200 Steinvic gave me as part of my Christmas present. I scouted some sweepers online and saw a few that I liked. When I got to Macy's last night, they had a Bissell II Cleanview Vacuum for just $79.99. So, I got a brand spanking new vacuum that really sucks - in a good way - for $30.

I can tell that this vacuum and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.

The assembly was a BREEZE. Less than three minutes. Open the box. Snap and screw on the handle. Put the hose on. Put the attachments in place. Plug in. Vacuum. Be impressed with the suction that trumps your former "vacuum." Be horrified at the dust and funk that comes up. Thank the Cleanliness Deities that you bought this vacuum so that you and those who enter your home will not be exposed to such evil particulate matter.

I even tried the stair attachment brush hose thingy (I am sure there is a technical term for this attachment, but thingy is more fun to type) and it was very useful. (Note - the floor part of the sweeper keeps sucking even though you're using the hose. Just thought you should know. I was surprised at this. But it's 12 amps, so I think they are wise in distributing the suck by having both the floor and the hose sucking at once. Otherwise, whatever you were using the hose on would probably be eaten. )

You can also adjust for the kind of carpet you have, all the way from bare floor to high. Unlike other cleaners I've had, you can really tell the difference between settings.

So, I give this vacuum an A+. Steinvic gets an A+ for the gift certificates, which have helped me to keep Christmas going on into March! I get an A+ for being extra cleanliness-oriented this week (carpet cleaning DOES count as working out!).

Gosh, I love spring...and all the cleaning that comes with it. New beginnings, clean floors...

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