Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where I've Been...

In case my three or four readers wanted to know, I've been having more fun than you have this week.

Confident much? Yes, actually...I'm sure of it.

Who else takes off two days of work to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Well, apparently, me and about 2,000 other Irish-loving individuals in Columbus, Ohio...that's who!

Monday night I drove to Columbus to meet up with Steinvic and friends. When we got home, it was like "Little Christmas" as I presented Steinvic and his son with the goodies I've been finding for them all year. Steinvic got a Ring Thing to aid in his St. Patrick's festivities, a bottle of Jameson's 12 Year, some Guiness boxers, the Limited Edition version of U2's No Line on the Horizon, Irish socks and a card with lottery tix inside. His son scored a custom made t-shirt (pictured), some Irish Coffee flavored beans, a card with lottery tix inside and chocolate shamrock treats from Graeter's. I got a lovely bottle of Boru vodka and a very sweet card...with lottery tix inside! (see a pattern? Love our scratch off games...) We were all set for a great day!

And it was...beautiful weather, a fun parade (though we missed most of it, thanks to Time Warner Cable's slow as molasses service appointment), lots of family and friends, and good beer.

We went to our favorite local afer that for more fun.

Slept in yesterday and then went to check out the new Clipper's stadium, which is really cool... and then sat outside to eat some ice cream. We're usually not regular Graeter's patrons, I swear! But there was a special on ice cream on television as we were getting ready for the day, and it primed us for a couple of scoops. I don't think I've had a scoop (okay, two scoops that I couldn't finish) of ice cream in a decade. Seriously. I think that's a crime, though.

So, a lovely day was had by all...I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day, too! (even if you didn't have as much fun as I did!)

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