Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I still miss Steinvic, and apparently I have a cold that is kicking into high gear...
BUT I found my Zune last night!

I joked with a colleague yesterday that I would remove the seats from my car to find it if that's what it took...but I wasn't really joking. After a half hour of cleaning my car out (it wasn't that bad...I was just being thorough) I was on the verge of going to the Auto Zone to get a set of tools for just this purpose when I remembered something.

Through the fog of feeling crappy on Sunday, I remembered being in the living room and hearing the sound of something dropping onto plastic. Like the sound of something hitting a plastic bag.

At the time, I looked behind the couch - which had a plastic bag from Michael's sitting next to it - saw the extension cord back there and figured part of it must have hit the plastic bag while slipping off the couch.

I dumped the bag onto the floor and there, amidst all the art supplies I'd just bought was my ZUNE!
Instant mood change. Relief! Joy! Elation!

I really should be so attached to it, but I am...

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