Monday, March 9, 2009

Fresh New Week

Last week was quite a week! I ended up being totally sick and even missed work! (GASP!) I think I jinxed myself because I'd joked with Steinvic about taking a Fake Sick Day (like I'd ever do that!) while he was in Phoenix. Instead, I got a REAL sick day and a half. I zipped out of work late Tuesday and was down for the count on Wednesday. Almost back to human now.

Steinvic came home on Friday. So very glad to have him home! But also, really happy that he got to go and spend that time with his cousin. As unhealthy as his cousin is, he rallied and hung out with Steinvic most every day. I'm sure that Steinvic being there was the best medicine possible.

So, Steinvic is home, healthy, tan, happy, well rested and he even brought me a shirt from the new Goodyear Stadium. And a pack of gum in an odd flavor (Mango Kiwi Cooler) that he thought I'd like. I might be a total dork, but I dig the fact that my boyfriend was in line somewhere and saw gum that he felt I had to have...something really cool about that. We also have made a date a year in advance to go to Goodyear to see the Reds during Spring training...I'm already looking forward to that.

AND, U2 has announced their tour dates for Europe and some dates in the US! Very exciting stuff. We ended up seeing them three times on the Vertigo tour - New York, Cleveland and Las Vegas. Not sure if we can afford be so exotic this time (New York ain't cheap!) but I'll bet we make it to at least two...

That's all from here for the moment...just didn't want to neglect my hundreds of readers who didn't know what to do with yourselves after I posted about my found Zune last week. :)

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