Friday, May 14, 2010

J is right...

...I haven't posted in a while. What is up with that?

I haven't. Part of it is being really busy. Part of it is...I guess what every blogger goes through.

"Does what I have to say matter?"

"Does anyone miss it when I don't blog?"

"Who cares about all of this?"

But then I'm reminded of why I started this little corner of the Internet in the first place: for me. I write here because it's a place for me to record where I am at this minute.

And right now, we're waiting to hear back about a reception hall. This is the second one we were interested in...the first one? They are crappy about getting in touch and letting us see the place - not a good sign.

And I found a dress. And we have a cake lady, way talented. And a volunteer bartender who is super nice.

Beyond that, we're gearing up for our professional association conference that we're responsible for. We leave next Saturday. And we get home from that, then head for vacation.

Before that, Steinvic's son comes to stay with his girlfriend...they have tickets to a concert locally. Since I didn't really get to celebrate his birthday with him, we'll celebrate Monday.

So much going on...

All good. Just busy. Just the business of living...

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