Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well On Our Way...

We're in a hotel room outside of Birmingham, Alabama. "We" includes me, Steinvic and Young Man. Young Man's friend flaked at the last minute, so it's just us three.

At first, I thought, "Crap...Young Man is going to be bored to tears the whole time, hanging out with 'just us.'"

And now that we're on our way, eight hours in, I'm happy that it's just us three. Young Man and I caught up on music, work, cars, society and all that on the way down. Steinvic hopped in back for the last third of the day and Young Man and I chattered away...before that we'd been yammering from the front/back seats.

Because I drove the whole 8 hours today! And I probably could have kept going, but I suddenly felt ready to get out of the car. Still, it was the easiest 8 hours in the car I've ever had.

Maybe it's because I'm so ready for this break.

Maybe it's because I'm so excited to share this place with Steinvic and Young Man.

Maybe it's becaus so often, I'm not in control of anything in my world, but this is a chance for me to have a heroine moment, where I can do something really great for the people I love most.

No matter the reason - let's not analyze it - we're about 4 hours away from our beach destination. We're going to take our time getting there, but by 3 tomorrow, we'll be there, checked in, comfortable, and taking in the beauty of a beach that I LOVE.

I'll let you know how it is when we get and all.

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