Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it Snow...

It's Saturday. We're in our pjs, sitting on the couch. We've had brunch, watched some shows, done a little Christmas shopping online. Laundry whirs in the background. Whatever ball game Steinvic wants to watch on TV is in the foreground.

And it's snowing.

It keeps on coming, even though they said just 1-3 inches today.

And we don't care. We're safe and sound. We took yesterday off and during the day, did our grocery shopping. Our bar is stocked. I'm getting ready to start a pot of soup. Then we'll undecorate our tree and redecorate it, as a strip of lights has quit working and can't be repaired. (small tree...not such a big deal to undo and redo.)

And we'll just be here today. Here and warm and out of the weather...

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