Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow + Tweaked Back = Grrrr

And now, a musical interlude to illustrate my morning. Feel free to sing along:

Stupid Snow
(To the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Dashing through the snow
Because I have to work.
We are having a snow storm.
People are driving like jerks!

The snow is packed real firm
On the highways now,
It’s going to be a royal bitch
To get home without a plow!

Stupid snow!
Stupid Snow!
Snow sucks really bad!
Oh, how much I wish for sun
That SUV just made me mad, oh
Stupid snow!
Stupid snow!
Snow sucks really bad!
I hope I will survive this drive -
This is really sad.

So, we’re having a little snow here in Ohio today. And it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Steinvic is working hard from home today, but I needed to come in to do something that had to be done in person. It took me an hour to go about 8 miles. I basically rolled here.

But I’m safe, warm, dry and getting things done.

Somehow, I tweaked my back last week and have been dealing with it ever since. Yesterday was the best day so far and I felt like I was at about 93%, so of course I did things I shouldn’t have last night (vacuuming, mopping, carrying big things, crafting hunched over) and now, I’m sitting here like a dork with a heating pad draped across my back again. It helps, but man, I’ve got THINGS to do and don’t have time to be ailing! Steinvic has taken on the additional role of masseuse, which I appreciate, but I know I will need to go to the doctor soon to get help if this doesn’t stop. It just flat out hurts…the kind of hurt where all the sudden you’re like, “I’m clenching my jaw because I’m in pain…I didn’t even realize it!” and then you try to shake it all off, take more Aleve and crank up the heating pad.

Other than a tweaked back, and non-stop snow, life is good…really! It is. I just need a snow plow and a chiropractor today...

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