Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Frankie once asked us to relax, even though the beat to that song made it impossible to relax while it was on.

And I am trying to learn to do it. All the big red flags are waving furiously, trying to get my attention.

Sleep is bringing strange, icky, way too murky to understand or way too vivid to tolerate images. I catch myself not breathing, holding my breath while I'm typing. A colleague sweetly slipped me a copy of 8 Minute Meditation...

I need to RELAX.

It's hard sometimes, though, really...it really is. I get fired up. I have to be appropriate and professional in some pretty tricky situations throughout the day. I'm diplomatic, though...not a pushover, and that requires skill and a lot of energy. I'm blessed to have a good job, and to have the meaning and motivation behind that job be something I'm passionate about.

At the same time, though, sitting on all that energy can make me tense. Intense. And that is just work. Not to mention genuine concern for people I care about. And then the meaningless every day stuff. Traffic. Bills. Wearing away on my Relax.

Maybe I need to start sprinting every time something gets to me. Not non-stop, though...I'd end up in Florida.

For this evening, I'm going to breathe deeply on the way home, not rush in the grocery, calmly take my time to prepare our dinner lovingly, and while that is marinating, selfishly spend the half hour on ME, on my exercise machine, that I need so I'll feel good about me. And burn some of this stress off...

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