Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something Right

Nothing can chase away funky feelings like having something to look forward to. I was really ready for Steinvic to get home from Columbus. I'd started cooking before he got home and when he arrived, we had some wine and caught up while dinner cooked.

It was so great to have him home. Sometimes, even an overnight can seem like a long time.

And it felt good to be in comfy pants, cooking away, in our tiny kitchen.

I made vegetarian Shepherd's Pie using a "recipe" I completely winged, based on things I've seen and read.

It included white onion, celery, a yellow bell pepper, carrots, turnips, parnips, potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. I made a "vegetarian gravy" and after heating all the veggies and spicing them, layered everything in a pan to bake. I sprinkled a very sparse layer of cheddar and Parmesan and then topped with potatoes I piped through a press.

And I have to say, I felt like I'd done something right...

Isn't it pretty? Steinvic said, "Do not forget how you made this! It's perfect!" I will do my best.

Here's to feeling like I can accomplish something...which isn't about making Shepherd's Pie. It's making someone feel like his homecoming is a really big deal.

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