Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tonight, I'll finish packing, clean the house a little, load everything in the car...and then become a nervous wreck. Oh, I know...everything will be fine. I know this. Heck, I'm commuting most every other week...I'm used to packing and traveling, right?

Truth is, I don't know why I get so wiggy right before going on vacation. I will be fine once I get to Columbus and to Steinvic, but the next 24 hours is critical. I make lists. I check things off of them. I make more.

This time tomorrow, all my stuff will be packed and I'll be counting down the minutes to leaving work.

And then I'll be off for 12 days. TWELVE. I have not had this much time off since I was a 17-year old.

Twelve days with Steinvic. Twelve! In a row! Such a treat.

We'll see U2 twice while we're away. That is a luxury.

We'll return to Las Vegas for what I'm guessing is my ninth time there. (I'll have to think about that...nine?)

We'll be in Arizona for most of our time and we'll spend it with family. Precious, wonderful, real people who I absolutely love. Steinvic is not only a great person...he comes from great people. I can't wait to see them all and hug them all.

I'll get to play with two of the best dogs ever. They are so much fun!

So, I think all of this will add up to an awesome vacation. I can hardly wait!

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