Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready for the Sun...

This snow has me bummed out. I'm not moping around, but it seems like I have to do more than usual to keep my buoyancy going.

There are, of course, the frustrating and trying parts of living with lots of snow. I know that for people like my Aunt - who lives in Wisconsin - this is just how life is for a big chunk of the year. But as an Ohio girl, I don't like it, I'm not used to it, and I will whine and complain about it as needed!

Frustrating is trying to pull into your unshoveled parking space after 10 hours at work and getting stuck. You might be saying, "Quit-cher crying and shovel for goodness sake!" and you'd be justified...IF we didn't pay a hefty HOA fee every month that is supposed to include parking space shoveling. I'm for sure not lazy! I just resent doing work that I'm paying someone to do.

I unstuck myself with the cat litter Steinvic had put in my trunk for such occasions and then shoveled the space to a point where I could pull in and out sans cursing.

Apparently, our normal weather has been secretly replaced with the fine climate of Alaska. I'm ready for it to stop now, please. We're supposed to get MORE SNOW about three or four days next week. Suckage.

How am I keeping happy? Well, I've used gift certificates for Michael's and Kohl's. Shopping is great when you have free money to use! And, I've been making necklaces. Watching good things on TV. Working out every day.

On the work out subject, I'm officially down two pant sizes. Now, I know sizes are different depending on the brand (Darn those Vera Wang jeans! I can't even get my big toe into any of them, regardless of the size! Okay, I can, but they don't look good and are kind of defeating...) but I'm definitely down. I needed new black pants (I wear black pants with some colorful top almost every day) and the ones I just "bought" (gift certificate!) fit great and are two sizes smaller than the pants (same brand) I was wearing at Christmas.

So, while I feel like I have a good way to go yet (in my opinion, two more pant sizes would make me perfectly happy) I am really pleased that I'm for sure in a routine and finally seeing some progress. THANK GOODNESS. I was really starting to feel bad about myself.

I'm headed to Columbus for the weekend, and hope that our time together won't be shortened again by the weather. Then, next weekend, Steinvic and his son will head out west for a little vacation. I'm staying back this time...I like that they're doing something together and I really don't have the vacation time or moolah to spend right now. But I'm really happy they're going on an adventure! And I will be thinking of them, enjoying that sunshine and family time, all the while they're gone. Let's hope they bring a little of that sunshine back with them...

We certainly could use it...

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