Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

As I type this, my Valentine is heading back to Columbus in order to get ahead of the next wave of snow we're supposed to start getting at midnight tonight. While I would rather he be here to celebrate all of this day with me, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay more interested in his safety. We're supposed to have 3-6 inches by morning and I'd hate for him to drive through that...

We had a great weekend anyway! Steinvic sent these on Thursday:

Aren't they gorgeous? And when he arrived on Friday, presented me with a dozen of these:

Decadent and wonderful...I've never had anything like it and I think it's replaced my original favorite dessert, Baklava. (Because of my perpetual diet, I don't usually eat treats, but when I do, it's wonderful to have something so beautiful, thoughtful and fresh.)

We made our way downtown to a friend's art gallery opening. It was a really nice evening...her gallery was located in a different part of downtown, and she recently moved. Her new gallery is lush and open, floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of downtown on all sides. As this celebration was at night, we enjoyed the twinkling lights of the city. It was a great way to start our weekend. We went to our local after and had lots of cocktails and stayed out way later than we normally would, but it was fun and much needed.

Yesterday, I cooked a little, rode 13 miles, and stayed nestled in for most of the day, then restocked our bar at the corner store (we are now prepared for snow storms!), then met up with J and another friend or two showed up later. It was so good to visit and I think everyone had a fun time. J was worried that she was infringing on our Valentine's time but we were really happy to see had been too long since we'd had some grown up time all together. What better way to spend your time than with the people you dig most?!

Today, sleeping in and brunch, then I prepared a big pot of potato soup. I rode 12 miles and we watched The Invention of Lying. And I made a necklace. I've been doing that a lot lately in my spare minutes. My Mom recently gave me all of her beading supplies - totally generous - because she decided she is dedicating her time to other projects. (She used to make necklaces for my Grandma.) There are A LOT of beads and tools to choose from! Sometimes, I am exacting (silver bead every nine green beads, etc.) but more often, I find I like the results of freestyle beading:

So, now I'm just waiting to hear from Steinvic, that he is home safe and sound. I'm going to make a drink, experiment with the new eyeliner I just bought, and watch TV. I miss my Valentine already, but I'm so thankful to have such a fantastic person to love completely for the rest of my days.

Hope that you're having a special Valentine's Day, with those who are precious to you. Be sure to do something nice for yourself!

p.s. Text from Steinvic...he is home safe!

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