Friday, June 11, 2010

Blame It On The Corn...

Steinvic sent this to me at work today, and I could not stop giggling. Another reason to be proud to be an Ohioan...

Police: Drunk Mom Poops Her Pants During Traffic Stop

ELYRIA, Ohio -- It was a sobering moment for an Elyria mother when police arrested her on a DUI charge last Friday afternoon.

Officers said 46-year-old Wendy Phillips was driving drunk with her 4-year-old daughter in the backseat.

Elyria police stopped Phillips about a block away from the police station Friday, June 4.

She pulled out in front of a cruiser and drove off the side of the road, almost hitting a stop sign police said.

Officers said she threw out a bottle as officers approached her vehicle. Police said it was a vodka bottle. Oddly enough, the bottle broke in the Courthouse driveway.

Officers said Phillips was unable to stand safely on her own when pulled over.

Apparently, being pulled over literally scared the crap out of Phillips.

"I pooped my pants. I ate too much corn," she told officers.

Phillips was charged with DUI, child endangering and reasonable control.

Phillips has a previous drunk driving charge as well.

Well now. I like my corn - and my vodka - as much as the next girl. But, seriously? I'm glad they caught her and that the child is safe. If you go to the link, read the comments, too...priceless!
You can also catch a glimpse of this beauty...

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