Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Well, here we are and it's Father's Day...

Last night, Steinvic's son and girlfriend arrived to celebrate Father's Day with a little cookout, movies, and family time. Young Man gave his father a new wallet. It was a sweet and thoughtful gift. I got a chance to spend more time with girlfriend, which is'll understand when your son/stepson is old enough to have a significant other. You'll - appropriately - want to know as much as you can about this person and you'll be hopeful that person is worthy of your boy.

This lovely girl is all that and more. Not only is it kind of cool that her birthday a day past mine, she is extremely gracious and consciencous...all while being of the have fun mindset. And she cares a lot for Young Man. Even with the concern that she might not be The One...we really like her. She is a little like me at that age. (Which I don't think is a bad thing.)

Young Man and Girlfriend had to leave early this morning, as she had to work. But wow...a really nice evening.

We went to my Mom's house yesterday to give my step Dad a gift... A "wine and roses" bush for their yard. They are very into their house and into planting stuff. They took us for a ride in their new car and it was just so good to have family time.

I thanked Steinvic this evening for our family. He informed me that I've always had a family. Even though he is right, my family hasn't been effortless or easy. I feel like it's been a bonus to be a part of his world, and a witness to him being a great dad. Steinvic is an amazing father. He has taught me a great deal through his parenting of Young Man. Had things been different, we would probably have beautiful, well-adjusted children of our own. Instead, I get to live vicariously and enjoy Young Man as a step child. I hope that, if it is what Young Man wants, Steinvic and I will have grandchildren one day.

So...if any fathers read here, Happy Father's Day. And for those of you who read who aren't daddies, a happy day to you, too. Honor that person who made you possible. It's a special day. As Frank Abignale said, anyone can be a takes a special man to be a daddy.

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