Monday, January 31, 2011

Because the Elephant Made Her Smile

Unexpectedly, you might see something, somewhere that gets your attention.

This something makes you say, "Oooh...I have no reason to have this thing, but I like this thing and it makes me feel happy looking at it."

It has no true practical purpose, but it makes you smile. And that...that can be more valuable than anything practical, can't it?
A colleague saw a stuffed elephant on an antique show and said it made her think of me and some of the felt creatures I sometimes make. She found a similar one online (scroll down to "Little Elephant") to what she'd seen on the program and sent me the link, saying she grinned everytime she thought of it.

So of course, I had to make my own version. In this photo, the maroon one is tuskless, but I added tusks last night and now it is sitting at her desk with my co-worker. The grey one belongs to Steinvic, because it was my first attempt and that makes it the most special one...
Such a small, felty little creature actually made a grown woman skip across the department to give me a hug.

And that is worth all the tiny hand stitches in the World...

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