Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Are Sick, We Are Sick, We Are Sick, Sick, Sick...

Happy New Year! We didn't decide to begin 2011 with mega-colds, but that is exactly what has happened, despite the hand washing, sanitizing, disinfectant spraying and even a night in separate beds - I really didn't want Steinvic to get this!!

So now the goal becomes getting well before we leave for Phoenix. I'm definitely on the mend - still snorting around a little, but my energy level is way better and I'm not taking any cold medicine except Zicam now. But poor Steinvic is in the "zapped" stage of this funk and so he is still sleeping right now...or should I say, finally sleeping.

We did go out briefly last night, mostly because we'd vowed to bring the recipient of the spinach dip a serving of kraut and potatoes so he'd have luck this year, and because another friend who we haven't seen in months was going to be at our local. Plus, we were getting stir crazy from being home and just wanted to get cleaned up and feel some fresh air in our lungs.

Early on, the conversation turned to Smashburgers. Have you had one? Apparently, they are fantastic. Suddenly, Steinvic perked up and said that a hamburger sounded awesome. That isn't what we'd planned on for dinner, but as soon as I saw that he was actually interested in food, I volunteered to run and get him one, and then take us home. I picked up one for another friend of ours, too. The little restaurant was smelled like the hamburgers my Dad would make in the skillet for us when I was a kid. All the food I saw come out of the kitchen while I waited for their carry out order looked delicious. If they'd had any vegetarian sandwich options on the menu, I'd have ordered something for myself, too! Ten minutes, $15 (not too shabby, actually, for two 1/3 lb. burgers, an order of fries and an order of haystack onions) and two carefully divided and labeled to go bags later, I was on my way back to our local to pick up my poor Steinvic and get him home. He said the burger was excellent and I hadn't really seen him eat very much since he got this cold, and he cleaned his plate, so there is your Smashburger testimonial from Steinvic!

I'm in the process of washing everything in the house and also restoring it to a pre-Christmas state. I like coming home from vacation to a well-organized house where all we have to do is take our suitcases down to our utility room and unload them into the washing mashine. So, it's a busy time but I sure don't mind...I'm feeling better now and so I've got the energy. And I can't wait to get to Phoenix to see our family and have a whole week with Steinvic. This will be the first time we've seen everyone from out there since we got married - they just couldn't make that extra trip to Ohio so late in the year and we totally understood that...not a cheap trip!

But I sure have had some crazy dreams. One productive one, though...last night, Steinvic couldn't get comfortable so we went to the basement (it's finished, lovely and his recliner is down there, and also the futon was still made up as a bed from when the kids were here...I told you, I've been working on it!) because he'd have options of where to sleep, and I could be close by in case he needed something (yep, he is really THAT sick). I saw that Young Man's Girlfriend left a necklace on the coffee table and it must have triggered something in my brain, because I had dreams about jewelry I used to own all night and when I woke up this morning, knew just where the box I packed them in was hiding the guest room. I'd completely forgotten about it. It's not valuable...just costume jewelry from when I used to work in a clothing store. I went right to the box and found some really cool things that I know I will wear again and some that I will probably give to Girlfriend and to a nice lady at work who makes her own jewelry and would enjoy taking some of the items apart and turning them into something else.

Here is one of the finds from this morning's treasure recovery:

...and yeah, that would be one of the things I'm keeping for me and plan to wear right away! Isn't it neat?

Now I'm off to put more laundry in and make something hot to drink...OH! If you find yourself sick, buy some Zicam. IT WORKS!!

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