Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not At This Time...

Steinvic and I were thisclose to getting a puppy. Yep, we're still looking for the right furry friend for us.

This one was a "morkie" or "yorktese," meaning a combo of Yorkie and Maltese. Cute, cute, cute. The price was right, but it didn't include a first vet visit. At the time, I didn't think it mattered, but since, I've decided that this is now a requirement, if we end up getting a puppy.

The woman was responsive to my e-mail inquiry and put the target wean date at April 11, which sounded great to us...time to puppy proof, get supplies and baby gates and mentally prepare for the responsibility.

We kept in touch. We offered to give her a deposit, which she never got back to us about. We asked to come see the dogs and she was busy, but never offered another time for us to come.

Suddenly, she e-mails to say that the puppies just opened their eyes this week and said we could come get the one we want this weekend...huh? Four weeks early?! She asked that we dropper feed him and said that the momma just isn't that interested in being around the puppies anymore.

I replied saying that we'd be more comfortable if the dogs could have their natural wean cycle completed before we selected one or took one home. Were the dogs still able to nurse at all?

Then the truth begins emerging...she has four other dogs, plus a cat that just had six kittens. Steinvic and I started thinking that perhaps she just had her hands full and wanted to move these little guys on.

Not getting a full wean can lead to a ton of problems - bad immune systems, social issues, health issues, developmental issues - and we just don't want to risk it. How devastating would it be to bring a little pup home and have it die or become very sick?

I asked if she was bottle or dropper feeding him and last night she said that the mom was nursing a little, and she just put a bowl of milk in the pen for the dogs to supplement. Hmmm...

We decided this puppy isn't for us. It just seems fishy. (Was that a little sigh of relief I heard from Steinvic?! Just kidding...) So, we're going to hold out for the right one. It's just kind of disappointing...but I'm sure it's the right thing to do. Hopefully, no one will want to adopt them and they'll be able to stay with their momma a little longer...every day makes a difference!

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