Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Update

Sooooo...we headed for Columbus on Saturday after work to take care of some family-type things.

We've got someone in our flock who is down on his luck and trying to start over, and so last week, Steinvic activated bought a pre-paid phone for him and we covered the first month's minutes, too. We were headed north to deliver the phone and see Young Man while we were in town, too. Our plan included whooping it up at the place where we had our reception, as well as stopping into our favorite local bar there, and then spending the night.

I'd Pricelined a room in advance and snagged a good hotel using the "Name Your Own Price" feature and paid only $50! We were stoked.

And then we were especially stoked because Steinvic realized it was the Arnold Sports Festival weekend and the hotel we'd booked was like right across from the event. The going rate for a similar room there was $299...wow!

So, we dropped off the phone to our family member and decided to check into our room before meeting Young Man for dinner. I hopped inside only to learn that we did not have a reservation for this weekend. It was for NEXT weekend. DUH...

We still met Young Man, which was lovely, and stopped by our local, but I volunteered to be the DD and drove us clear back to West Chester around 8.

While we didn't get to have the yii-haa we hoped for, it was still a nice night and it was so good to be in our own bed...

...and we get to do it all over again THIS weekend! Plus, it's the weekend before St. Patrick's Day, and the festivities always start early in Columbus...

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