Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here... I haven't been hungover for the last week. In fact, St. Patrick's Day was pretty low key. We went to our local for lunch, had drinks and saw friends, and around 6:30 or so, went home. It's a good thing, too, because from what we learned later in the weekend, all kinds of naughty things happened after we left, including some dangerous liasions in the parking lot, fights, police intervention, bottles thrown at said police and the front door being broken (result of the fight.) We aren't really into that kind of celebrating, so I'm happy that by the time all that started, we were enjoying TV and some vegetarian Shepherd's Pie...

So, what have I been up to? Well, I put a post up earlier in the week and then took it right back down. It was mostly a commentary on some of the "celebrities" who have been dominating the media with stupidity recently, but then I decided that by writing about them, I was doing exactly what the media was doing and giving them more attention that they deserve less than the air and space they're taking up by existing, so I took it down.

But I will comment on this; Since that post, Chris Brown had his temper tantrum then dramatically left the set of Good Morning America because the reporter asked him questions in an interview, and he was enraged about it. I'm not going to go all off on how he was wrong for beating Rhianna, or how he still clearly has anger management issues, or any of that. What I will say is this...if you decide to be famous, and you choose to hit someone, wreck your car numerous times, abuse substances, forget to wear underwear, make inflammatory statements about countries/races/sexual preferences, post ridiculously hurtful things on Twitter or steal things, THOSE are the things you're going to be known for, forever. It doesn't matter how talented, broad-minded or charitable you become. You will always be known as "(Fill your name in here), the (fill in occupation here) who once (fill in embarrasing fail here)." So, Mr. Brown, you can be mad that people care more about whether you are sorry for your crime than they do about your new music, but that's just the way it is... Price you pay for celebrity (and for being stupid.)

I'm not saying it's right. That is just the way it is, even if you break things or rip your clothes off.

In this day and age of reality shows, I think it would be awesome to put Charlie Sheen and the Goddesses, Victoria Jackson, Bill O'Reilly, Lindsey Lohan, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Brown, Michael Moore, Joe Fisher, Joan Rivers and that "minister" from the Westborough "Baptist" Church all in a deserted farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, leave and come back in a month to see what was left. No webcameras streaming the madness...I just want to see what the outcome would be. I would have Ricky Gervais host the outcome show and debriefing interviews documentary style.

Don't ask me what makes me think of these things...

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